DECAYCAST#003:HorrorCast “NetCastingHalloweenSpells”

HorrorCast : Casting Halloween Spells 25 minutes 35 MB

Initially a meditation on halloween and horror movie themed music. We peer inside the zombie mind. Television newscasting yourself into a zombie corner.This must be what its like to die in a horror movie. So get some popcorn and fake blood, we’ll light candles with Aleister Crowley to walk through a midnight doorway and meet darkness with a white noise torch.

Dr. Decaycast feels there should be enough halloween music to celebrate halloween at any point during the year. So Halloween comes again just after the new year.


_______________ Decaycast Episode#3 :”HorrorCast” Credits_________________

0:00-1:04: NERFBAU

1:05-2:00 : DadaDentist (aka Mike Daddona aka DadaDent aka EarDentist aka DentistryDecay) “Keep Listening To Your Television”

2:00-2:23: BIARTZ– “segment a”

2:24-4:40: DadaDentist “Come Closer Please”

4:44-5:02 : BIARTZ — “segment b”

5:03- 8:37: DadaDentist–“To Die, To Be Really Dead, That Must be…”

8:38 -9:27 NERFBAU — “Sound pillars in a courtyard flooded with silence”

9:28-13:17 ALIENSLANG — ” Midnight Came Upon Us” — a ceremony to bend the walls of time and open the gate between worlds hosted beyond the grave by Aleister Crowley.

13:58-15:38 IT LIVES – “A Needle Fell From Heaven”

15:39-17:37 NERFBAU

17:38-18:41 SABRETEETH – “All’s Well In Hell” (excerpt)

19:25-20:48: IT LIVES – “A Needle Fell From Heaven” (continued)

20:48-20:50: NERFBAU and DadaDentist

*Audio Surgery by Dr. Decaycast*

___________ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______



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