Decaycast#011:Gumball Rimpoche “I Had a Dream Last Night” aka???? Decaycast Mix.

GUMBALL RIMPOCHE “I Had A Dream Last Night” Mix. 19:07 {35mb}

Mr. Rimpoche composes 19 minutes of stellar aural frontal lobe circus surgery with voice, samples, and nano-technology. composed for the un-ex-sub-non conscious 29th century intellectual. Die 999 times and be reborn 1000 ..and it gets better every time with this one. This kid’s a star in 2010, no doubt about…Sounds best in a dark cement room with cockroach reverberation flickering your inner ear.. ……These writings were encrypted within the audio file that came from the artists’s hacked computer harddrive,,,,,
“On the night of the last RATSKIN show, I had a very strange and…
mundane dream.

I was at a Lady Gaga concert, enjoying the rediculous pop spectacle,
when she decided to make things a bit more interesting– laying down
on the stage spread-eagle, she exposed her writhing tarantula bush to
the audience. I immediately (as if by instinct) jumped up there and
dove straight in.

After that we were inseperable, each feeding from the others’ bloated
ego like two fat grubs connected asshole to asshole (Ouroboros?) The
sex was blindingly mediocre–filled with knives and empty promises.
We wrote and produced two albums together before our love consumed all
reason and we found ourselves filled with drugs and trapped in a
shithole apartment in Queens. I tried to dump her for a vocoder, but
she wasn’t having it..

The double murder that resulted is still one of the strangest unsolved
cases of all time.”

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