PLAYING WITH NUNS / BASIDIOMYCOTA “Split” CDr (2010?)basidiomycota split
First three tracks are by a project from Argentena, “Playing With Nuns” who seem to have a lengthy stream of work according to their discogs. The disc begins with some well prepped tape snake hiss mixed with lower rumbles, which subtly gains structure and textures of what it might sound like the last few seconds of being trapped under ice, and all death’s inherent delays. Easily the best paced track? on the disk? churning, churning, tense, lower fidelity tape scraping, mixes with oscillator explorations, CBradio gone awray, parts recorded through a coca cola bottle gas mask??? higher pitched feedback carves into solid middle range timbre, eight broken speak and spells slowed down to shopped and crude pacing, all while still moving forward and backward at the same time. The second and third tracks are more rhythm brain ? pop? (haha) forward, but UMMMMmmm, don’t make me feel as uncomfortable (shoot me brains in) as the first piece (I think that’s OK, right?). Good movements in themselves but the first piece caught me most by the throat,ALL the way up to the oscillator heli attacks of the 1:20 mark of track number two, another high point. sssssspeaking of “by the throat” type stuff, track four and five, Basidiomycota and Co. graft dense, layered lobotimone$$$y hook systems for self taught surgery school in the girl’s bathroom with the hairdryer in the sink, the SOUND OF NEURAL SHOCK, again and again and again. Frothy architectures of warbling delayed LFO and LSDee buzzsaw waveforms, from tooth to throat—cutting through your speakers and turn them into high pitched frontal-lobe modification receptors, the sound design of your own death/reincarnated/incinerated as a 222,220 volt power inverter. calmer delayed waves of voice structures give way to alien flutters, nanobot druid hums for the 23rd century. Outer space music to abate the post pre- post-human… Charge your 9v brain supply to die 1000 times over and over again with this mix. Does your skull still work? Is it still holding in the flesh??? Leave the volume set alone to pan out decay your neighbors into the ground where they belong. Sharp,sharp, sounds throughout. Pretty good release overall, seems that maybe they should have done more than 10? maybe not though,,,
Packaging was standard color xerox printout in thin plastic bag with yellow CDr w/ sharpie. Not the worst, NOT the best, though the drawing and layout are quite snazzizy…
written by: malo
Overall : 8.1/13.0

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