DecayREVIEWS : SEXORCYST “Sangue L’Esorcista” cs (Tusco/Embassy, 2012)

SEXORCYST “Sangue L’Esorcista” cs (Tusco/Embassy, 2012)

Remember that feeling when your walking a little ahead of your group back to the campsite, and then you look back, and everyone has vanished, and you hear a slight rustle, breaking of
Branches and then you start to smell BLOOD mixed in the wet leaves, and then an exploding GREY LIGHT???? THAT IS SEXORCYST.

On the A side, Deep resonant bass crawls up your spine and slowly twists as black inorganic puss leaks out of bones onto the forest floor of the desolate space that is your future. GUESS WHAT? ITS O V E R !!!! A slow dying hum creeps in and out of a blurry noir nightmare, deserted, screaming into the mud, you jam your head into the mud until your ears fill with blood. At times just a distant disturbing warbling hum, at times a cuchophony of slicing sound, This cassette is a leaking, lurking soundscape of the decaying thudder of your soon to be broken nervous system. Crawling bass, static blasts, circuits frying, creeking broken guitar drones hang necks cords, creeping in the distance, off kiltered dying drum machines, sequenced to stop a heartbeat, slow, sllloooowwww

This tape carves out a space in your ear’s inner brain that’s all too familiar – DESOLATION, FEAR, THE END!
You can try to live again, but you’ll choke in your own curses, but you will always get stabbed in the back, let go, back into the dirt, the soundtrack of your last breath timestretched, fucked
Fucked And more fucked,Just give up now. Sigh. Ok going to crawl under a rock now…….. classic Tusco/EMBASSY silkscreened full wrap Around covers with artwork by Bowers. Verrrry sharp looking, TOP NOTCH PROJECT AND LABEL~~!!!

Overall : 8.6 / 13
Written by : malo



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