DECAYreviews: JULIA MAZAWA “God Bows To Math” Cs (Nice Ass Industries, 2011)

decayREVIEWS: JULIA MAZAWA “God Bows To Math” Cs (Nice Ass Industries, 2011)

A new  tape from local artist, seamstress, record cutter and musician Julia Mazawa on her own Nice Ass  Industries  label based out of Oakland, CA. Mazawa’s setup is  shockingly  simple, often using just a turntable with custom cut records.This tape  starts with subtle loop slices, whirled and cracked microsounds, often referencing ancient recording technologies through their  crunchy and nuanced textures. Barely pouting steam whistles, distant  motor  putterings,  lost voice  recordings, ancient  telegraph messages lost at sea  all wash up and  down in the  mix into a subtle rhythmic wash. Dense delays of one sound shift through microscopic feedback manipulations and  turn into  other sounds leading to a new sound, but all   falling back into a “locked groove” aesthetic of  experimental composition.

The B side works well as a  continuation of the explorations of the  A  side, with the  loops seeming to  build up density a bit  quicker, and coherse the listener into a gel of subtle looping feedback  controlled with pinpoint precision. Louder rhythmic pulses build up and then slowly decay into mathematical wind  textures, the presence of  absence also plays well into this release. The delay plays  into the looping themes of the release, and provide a nice textural jacket to the sometimes raw source material.  Record loops and subtle pops and purs orchestrate the backbone of these minimalist turntable?? explorations. Cassette is the  perfect format for this release  as the  warmth of the magnet colors these  sounds in a beautiful way, look out for more from her  and this label, each release is more  and more crafted and heading in a steady direction.

Nice Ass Industries

Overall : 8.2/13

written by : malo

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