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Recorded  by Dr. Decaycast on the CRANK STURGEON / HATERS / PCRV 2011 tour ,  DECAYCAST022: JAMES FELLA “Live 4/20/11” PHX,  AZ rips, drips, creeks, and  cracks its  way through your  consciousness. This is TOP NOTCH  fucked up tape collage SOUNDS  sucked into a unknowing  recorder on a steamy night on 4/20/2011 at the  Trunk Space In Phoenix, AZ. FELLA constructs dense, dark, spooky and  conceptually tight sound-scapes with minimal tools.  Screams, sheiks, shrieks, shrills and  creaking dying machines are  stitched together to create a wild yet concise  sonic  journey! Highly recommended checking out  his  studio recordings. We are honored that he  graced the decaycast archives with his  sounds! RIPPPPP


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