V/A “WASTED MANAGEMENT” Download (Lewcid Joosebox, 2012)

V/A “WASTED MANAGEMENT” Download (Lewcid Joosebox, 2012)

A new series of recycled cassette  compilations from the Lewcid Joosebox Imprint in Oakland. Recycled appropriated garbage pop cuver cover restructurings for  skinky stinky ink earblud  fanatics, underground and bubbling surfacs clawings , known and unknown projects from the  splay area and beyond, we  present…

The A Side….

A1     Skullcaster –     Holy Land Real Estate Scam
A2     Sexweed –     Left Hand Path
A3     Black Thread –     Letme
A4     Tape Headcleaner* –     Stay Invisible
A5     David Morin –     Force-Fed



The B Side

B1     Julia Mazawa –     Down In The Sewer
B2     Micose + The Mau Maus* –     New Improved Atrophies
B3     ctrl/v\3rr0r –     Angelfuck
B4     Cuss Words –     Are You Ready For The Sex Girls
B5     Slug Life –     Gel Foment
B6     Slicing Grandpa –     Independent Germ Balloon


Okieeee,  enjoy.  Volume 2  coming Jan 2013 from Lewcid Joosebox label


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