decayREVIEWS: KILT “La Santa Muerte” cs (2012)

US scattered super group KILT, (Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, and AndorKappen recently made a trek through the Bay Area a few weeks ago and farted out one of these little tour tapes my direction, It’s a cassette version of a forthcoming LP, (which I was lucky enough to receive one of the test presses for (mwahahaha) but the cassette will get the review as it’s exists in it’s final form.
Popped this lil sucker into the stereo. Intro’s with slow winds, creeks, gentle shudders, and whisps from a distant cracked window. This seems unusually nerving for this dynamic outfit, yet the intensity starts building, building, building, and clawing at your inner most ear hole, crawling in and leaving a vile sonic infection which begins to ooze and pus with the blackened fluids that is “La SantaMuerte”. Before your system can react, flesh is pummeled with barely discernable vocals, pummeling feedback, high pitched cuts and scrapes, buzzing distortions, oscillators- POWERFUL SOUNDS. Peaking and troughing with dynamic rhythmic slams, ascending frequency modulations, and, the tension of metal cables snapping, architectural misfortunes – KILT ebbs and flows like the shifting of California’s unstable tectonic plate museum. A dark, chaotic machine chugging through the batten landscape of a failed system.

Flip this little devil and it’s more of the same. Dense thought out composition, harsh, vibrating spaces are carved out with scientific precision, theatrical dynamics, and swelling bass and distortion. Occasionally locking into a groove and then dicinigrating said groove within seconds, gives this release dark, yet traceable pacing – a must for fans of harsh noise, and negative spaces. This power trio does not disappoint in the slightest with this release, be sure to pick up the LP as soon as it drops, if it sounds good on tape, it should warm up nice in helllllllllll……..

Written By: Malo




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