Out Of  Body Records  is at it  again, WE  REALLY LIKE THIS IMPRINT!! And up next is a project from PTM Jim…
DEIGN cuts, chops,  hisses, smashes and pisses  their way through intense, dynamic cut up chopped sounds and emotions, at  times screeching and at times  rumbling,  jarring, dark,  the sound of  entropy.  High pitched washes of  white noise, sucking out your  last breaths The DEIGN  soundsdrum up to menacing  shaking pulses of  doubt, alienation, nervousness, sound mixes with blood, pus, and  disease  plagued cochlear. Stainless steel easrplugs cant  save  you from this  menacing sound clawing in your ear and  carving it out from the inside. There is someone watching you, waiting, broken brain, ready to attack and  throw your motionless  corpse back into the  cog  of the machine where it was spawned from. THIS IS  DARK DARK CUT UP SOUNDS.

Rumpling pules, chaotic feedback modulation, scratchy cut up (tape?) sounds, industrialized distant  rhythms, blood hymns, and unknown objects pushed in the red seemlessly  blend together  different  levels of the  conspiracy of  self doubt-  This  tape contains sounds to break down the  psyche and  start over. MEANINGS  regurtitating themselves in the form of  the sounds of a pack of  rabid dogs being slayed in the  distance, approaching, the  blood smell is metallic, a grating, gnarley wind of  death   invades your  ears and into the skull. Personal political monsters are no match for this  alienating anomaly.

Look as the eye  in the sky proves you are alone from your  own perspective,  while a nervous, scattering, broken machine subtly yet  intrusively hovers above. DEIGN is  top notch in the  harsh/cut up/industrial, whatever  the  fuck game.  Check this out, as  it’s becoming a treat to  hear a project in this aesthetic vein that works  with such care and  intent. Dark, cynical, jarring cut up industrial / noises played with purpose and a nod to the void at the same time.  The  art  and overall production value of this release is no  surprise as  Denton, TX Out Of Body Records  delivers  top notch production value which elevates this  tape to  another  level.

writted by malo



Out Of  Body Records

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