decayREVIEWS: STRIATIONS “Piss, Blood, Hypnosis” Cdr (Nefarious Activities, 2011)

Youngen STRIATIONS brings together a nice collection of true crime power electronics to boot with this collection of tracks. The artwork fits the sound perfect, chopped , rough, primitive, and intense, Striations may be a bit wet behind the ears, but he’s no stranger to the game of harsh noise and power electronics, and brings a refreshing element of true crime into the equation. All of the “lyrical content” and reference material is all “true” so to speak, which attempts to give it an extra visceral edge to both the sound and the artwork. While much of what is emcompassed within the “Power electronics” genre is obsessed with the taboos of mysogyny, patriarchy, death, rape, and fetish, Striations deals with this subject matter, but from a slightly less obsessive standpoint, perhaps more critical, which IMO, gives it a lift up content wise over much other more “mundane” concepts of the “grotesque”.

As far as the actual sounds go from this release to his others, not quite sure where this fits in, as it seems to be similar to the Bagman, split, harsh, grating, low fi, fuzzy and alienating. Chaotic build ups create a distinct overall
Tension, one criticism
Is that the dynamics could be pushed a bit further – to (arguably) create more tension / surprise / variation but this is probally me imposing “what ‘I’ would do ”
Which is pretty much useless . In short, this could be pushed a bit further with its attention to detail , yet the artist is off to a great start!


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