decayREVIEWS: COMPACTOR “Desensitization Reprocessing” CS (OOBR, 2012)

COMPACTOR “Desensitization Reprocessing” CS (OOBR, 2012)


COMPACTOR “Desensitization Reprocessing” CS (OOBR, 2012)RIGHT FROM THE FIRST PUNCH – Compactor squishes fuzzed and thizzed big beats – spastic churning,hissing machines – phasing out of value the automaton human rhythm production facility – this is beat dominant- off the bat with grind core styled sequence percussion with looping scraping drowning and pulling robots dragging each other through the background of the soundscape – nice track breaks give breath to separate ventures to a at times minimal
Techno jukebox gone awry with subtle layers of hissing and hawing in the distance – creeping closer and then back into the unknown . …..

The B SIDE gives a bit more breath as it moves at a slower pace to give pulsing developing beats time to build the structure before they inherently self destruct. A drone fly peeps at your cochlear as this tape often sounds like a sound tropes trapped inside another sound trapped inside another – with different layers of pulsing fuzz that ebb and flow giving clarity to the beat and then swelling it back into obscurity.  Compactor sandwiches a nice mix of  harsh blown out  recording techniques which  give a live  feel, and  some cutting  and  chopping  which speak t0 a  larger compositional mantra, This tape is a brain/ sound compactor in itself – somewhere broken between noise / electronic death drums and bass stabs of shaking resonance :: compactor brings a complete sonic package of the rolling down the road of percussion on fast fwd style – whatever that is- ??? But the second half of the second side slowly shifts into a distant hum – you are trapped inside the chickens stomach after it crossed the road- subtle bleeps, slips, and rakes are quietly eclipsed by an ominous dark droning buzzing – the best part ! A great end to a good tape!!!

Out Of  Body Records

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