decayREVIEWS: DRAG AGE “Mask Of A Crushed Insect” c12 (OOBR, 2012)

drag-age-crushed-insectAnother  gem from  Rob B’s Out Of Body Records DRAG AGE carves sharp, dissonant, alienating sounds from sources and  inspirations unknown.  The A  side opens up with a  amalgamation of low synthesizer  pulses, crushed and  fuzzed and  fizzed to deathm Harsh shrieks, building churning bowels with Howling groans and  yells,  broken rhythmic stabs of  skin pulse – a hallway filled with blood and broken Speakers —- spells your own death day to you—-reverberations of hell – this is bleak, dissonant music for the alienated species. Harsh, buzzing,  swelling synthesizers of vile bile electronic mayhem- DRAG AGE drags bouncing skulls behind a truck and records the sound and blasts it back into your ears just before your head is severed from the rest of your body in a totalitarian sonic massacre.

The B side, if much of the same, short, Pulsing, punching feedback,  shaking , grating distortion, shuttering howels of negativity as HELL air from shredded speaker surrounds you , Drag Age brings the listener to that dark place they subconsciously neglect; A bleak, hairy clump of industrial fuzz, blended and stitched skin.  Overall the  B side I  felt had some more  unique sounds  and  textures going on, makes me think the tape  should’ve been flipped, but overall pretty solid. Through male and female vocal howlings, nicely textured ambient sections to glue this short little number together., DRAG AGE does a great job at this all so common style of death/industrial/power electronics !!!!!  Lots of interesting and textured sounds and events packed into twelve minutes of cassette tape, if not just a bit  short.  The  label  should still have a few  copies , i believe.

written by : malo

GET THE TAPE HERE >>> Out Of Body Records

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