Man Down, BUT NOT OUT: Help Jay Korber’s Road To Recovery!!!

korberA  good  friend and  seminal member of the  bay area  noise, experimental metal, and  free  jazz community Mr.  Jay Korber  was involved in an extremely life  threatening bicycle accident, where he was  ran over and  dragged by one of the  sweet sweeper trucks  that  paurse the  SOMA district of  San Francisco. ( For many, this  would have  signaled the  end/death/whatever. but for Mr. Korber, tough as  nails, the  doctors predict  that a  FULL RECOVERY is possible.  His pelvis was   completely shattered, amongst many other  serious, life  threatening injuries,  and  he  endured  many emergency “life  saving”  surgeries-  just in  his  first  few  days at  SF General Hospital.   Throughout all of  this unexpected chaos – the  endless  chain of  apathetic doctors, buzzing machines,  tubes,  blood  transfusions,  confusiion from the  drugs  and  painkillers,  Jay has  managed to keep a  positive attitude  and  even the  occasional burst of  humor. His Girlfriend Angie, has been  a huge  support for him, easing the  burden on Jay and  his wonderful, but  shocked/traumatized  family, as well supplying the lifeline  of information and updates between Jay and the   concerned, bay area music/art  community. Jay has  been playing wonderful, aggressively exciting, tense music in the  bay area   for  a  decade, or more? now through various bands,  such as  current  projects BURMESE, NUCLEAR DEATH WISH, ETTRICK and other  projects such as KORBER/YEDA
DUO , ELF  ASS, PUKE VOMIT, plus a slew of other projects.  Here’s a video of him doing an extremely rare solo noise set from 2008,
Jay has  been offering his music, thoughts, and  art  up to the  bay area  (any beyond) for  years  and  now, never asking for anything but a  spot to  tune up or  drop his drums, but now Jay’s life is  changed  drastically, at  least for the time  being, and  any dealings with the  city will take  years. What does  this mean?   JAY NEEDS OUR  HELP  NOW!!. He needs his rent  paid, medical  supplies, a  wheelchair, new  glasses, the  list goes on  and on. Now  Jay, being the kindred old  spirit that he  is , would NEVER ask  for help, even when he does  need it,   which is  exactly why we  need to come  forth and  bond together as am artistic community  to show solidarity and help him out.  To  HONESTLY call a group of artists, musicians, and cultural  curators a   “community” or  “scene” comes with   certain requirements, one  being  mutual  community support  for  all members  when something  goes  wrong. A  chain is  only as  strong as  it’s  weakest link, and  right now there  is a broken link,  which means the chain is not at 100% , and we need to help fix that. Jay has  enormous strength and what Macho Man  Randy savage  would call, “intestinal fortitude”, and he  WILL pull  through this, but he needs our  moral, emotional,  creative, and FINANCIAL support above all. If  you’ve ever come to a Ratskin show, and been given a free  beer, take that $5 that  you  would’ve been charged at a bar for it, and give it to someone who  needs it.  Donation link is right below here…   Benefit shows  to be held  at  local underground Oakland  and  San Francisco venues are  in the works, but for NOW , please  consider  making a  small donation here….

This incident has shaken the entire bay area music/art community, as Jay is such an inspirational life force and positive influence for us all, it only seems natural to give it right back to him….Have other ideas how you can help? Please email us at decaycast(at) and we’ll be sure it gets to the right people.
Love and recovery,


3 thoughts on “Man Down, BUT NOT OUT: Help Jay Korber’s Road To Recovery!!!

  1. phillip greenlief

    can we re-print this article in the january transbay calendar? we are organizing a benefit concert for jay and it would be great to use this article to help promote the show for him. please let me know at
    phillip greenlief


  2. I am contacting you because I would like to help. About 2.5 years ago I was i a similar bike accident.. Shattered pelvis etc. I was fortunate to have health insurance. I feel for Jay. I cant imagine going through the pain of an accident like that only to be left with the financial burden of medical bills. I am a member of a band called big long now and we would love to help organize or play a benefit show for Jay. Let us know what we can do to get involved.

    Best wishes,

    Jimmy and bln


  3. Bebe

    I knew Jay as a little boy and hope he is improving. First of all, this is a prime example of why we need health care in the US. If this had happened in virtually any other “western nation” (one in Europe, New Zealand, etc.) he would have great care and no bills. Amazing that this is not so here. Next, you say the MD’s were “apathetic”. Where would he be today if not for the medical care he received from surgeons, emergency room MD’s, etc. BBB


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