DecayCAST reviews : VOMIR / CRUCIFIX EYE split C40 (Forever Escaping Boredom Records)

photo (7)Another swell release up from Forever Escaping Boredom
Records . A bright “psychedelic” data esque  is sliced my analog decay graces the cover with a thin black outline of a cassette shell, but pop this sucker in and its not quite as “bright” at all.  Layered images turn into a multi layered and structured WALL OF NOISE . VOMIR side is classic “VOMIR style”harsh noise wall- from France,  VOMIR is one of the best in the  game  currently. MILITANT, blown out, unnerving, a black analog  mass of  – the wall is information transmission failures -and meditative at the same time; hypnotic,  throbbing, yet unrelenting – a shuttering attack bouncing back on itself / again,again,again,again. VOMIR uses static for large sections of the lengthy track, as the oscillator for the wall
Of sound- static information- feeding back
On itself.; An endless breath from a tugboat at 100 decibel black sandstorm. Choke, choke , choke . subtle modulations occur underneath a wall of undulating fuzz. These subtle manipulations are in fact audible at different relationships to the speakers, but they actually become clearer at LOWER volumes – as the distortion cleans up a bit – shudder ur ears as the cassette stops.

Flip to side two and CRUCIFIX EYE blasts the listener with another huge wall – this one just as subtle yet monotonous as the last – brain lapse / OF CURSE that’s the point – the listener actually really needs to listen acutely at the RIGHT? Volume and an entire buZZINg orchestra of flatlined fans pulses the  air  with  an  unchanging static barrage of non information NOISE WALL. . STATIC into the ear canal
For what seems like an eternity. If anything, the Crucifix Eye side is just as dizzying yet it’s slightly quieter in volume which allows for slightly more clarity at the GUESS!? of the origin of the sound ? IMPOSSIBLE . An assembly line stuck
In a loop between a spiral caughtin the wrong direction -yes its true HNW has NO DYNAMICS and its meant that way/ unrelenting fuzzed out distorted audio assault of static hymn. This is the sound of an idea being sucked into an endless vortex of static entropy – THE sound pukes itself out for eternity – the militarism of the harsh noise wall is undeniable in this blast – for what it is / it’s done quite well. A great grab for HNW and static noise “fans” ? Two of the harsh noise wall masters on one cassette – a Blastermaster of sonic monotony wall ! Bow down .

Written by: Malo





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