DecayREVIEWS: Cerebral Roil “Cloven Hoof Stomp” Feral Fang Media , 2011)

While west coast noise vagabond Cerebral Roil has done some pretty memorable/dangerous/ and low key – aside from a few small print run editions of split CDRs and compilations, this is the only Cassette I can muster up – which is a shame because the recordings are quite nice.

side A of “Cloven Hoof Stomp” opens up with nervous tick harsh distorted menacing fuzz, distortion and chaos. Which is no surprise – ear splitting mix and whatever else feeding back – an axe connected to a giant spring and a turntable saw are sole of CxRx more unique looking and menacing sounding custom made instruments (which we are at decaycast usually have a soft spot for). the danger of enduring a split open head and or concussion grenade explode during the listening to the cassette is quite unlikely, (though we have resided in Oakland before) which makes one be able to delve into the sound a bit more, without fear of laceration.

The b side is more along a similar harsh noise theme of speaker ripping harsh noise of psychosis. Menecing ear wrenching high pitched tones slowly but surely saw an X along the back of the neck of the listener and eventually decapitation is inevitable.

This tape bleeds sounds of an insanic cave , deep in a trench, plotting revenge. this tape is harsh sounds, but often a few times the recording Is a bit overdriven, and then if backs off and more clarity is present, but it works well as a push pull and isn’t so blown out that it totally annihilates the entire mix it’s just a bit HOT in the red is all- works for the sounds, but the tracks overall could use a bit of dynamics to push the loud parts louder, and give a break to the ear This cassette is short and sweet noise blaster of serial killer feedback psychotic brain loop noise. A must have for all the “true crime” and “fantastical psychotic workshop training camp hazing music fans” . Overall, a solid release , all the sounds are pretty interesting in the harsh sense – blasted out noise – s – a solid release overall though, will be seeking out more from CxRx.

written by: Malo



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