decayREVIEWS : Sleep Of Ages / Vasectomy Party CS (Forever Escaping Boredom Records)

The A side is Sleep Of Ages, noise / cut up/ drone “budget” harsh style electronics project from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Starts off with some keyboard tinkering, looping phrases of fuzzed out midrange – warming up it sounds like but after about forty five seconds it begins to hit a stride, gaining volume, distortion and intensity, and the next thing you know- you’re in the center of an all out harsh noise attack- cutting, clawing and stretching the ears of the listener to use a reverse feedback audio weapon to the brain cavity. Sleep of Ages carves feedback, distorted hits and layered synthesizers and mixer feedback? To create an interesting blend of harsh textures with the occasional pause and drop in volume.  These dynamic harsh cuts and sudden changes in pacing, sound sets and intensity are the more visceral moments of the tape. Bubbling fuzz decays of a sinking barge oscillating the waves with its busted propellers / the sound of broken bones transmitted over an ancient CB.  Sleep of Ages side peaks in intensity and sonic textures and the organized “chaotic structure” stands on a peak, elaborates itself and then CUT- quietness then building back up to a rumbling oscillating fuzz machine which cannot control itsel f , looping shuddering and dying , pretty interesting work overall.

The B side, occupied by Vasectomy Party  starts off with a few samples and the. Slowly builds to a fuzz wall of chaos. A VHS WIND of broken iron machines scraping along concrete chasing down its maker for revenge.
Much more monotone in volume and dynamics, yet the mood ever so slightly undulates between dark, broken  and confused, THIS IS the sound of a hijacked transmission in space – the noise of the spinning universe printed back to 1/32″ tape – only archiving the nastiest hisses and scrapes. this machine is angry and it’s shaking inside. Walls
Of vocals and screaming blood feedback coat the speakers with a bleak sonic presence. A diseased churning stomach V P twists classic style harsh noise – overblown howling vocals, broken, jarring pulsing syntheizers, junk and garbage sounds – a whipping environment-a few areas seemed a bit underdeveloped but just when it would start to lose me a new sound set will
Come out and confuse and alienate- interesting sounds and approach overall on both sides and 4 panel collage  foldout which really adds to the tape – and full color labels on both sides – great looking tape,
Out  interesting release overall

Forever Escaping Boredom Records

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