decayREVIEWS: Zone Tripper “War Radio” Cs (Forever Escaping Boredom Records)

ImageZone Tripper. This IS  W A R R A D I O. Distant  sonic transmissions from ancient wars  passed,  the recordings of  dead  soldiers calling out  for a hault. Haunting,  nauseous  throbbing delayed  bleeps and  bopping morse code  tones  transmit a message of  failure.  The  sounds  themselves are somewhat interesting, somewhat  generic  sounding in their  recordings style of  blown  out electronics but the  samples, artwork, and  titles, “Transmission 1 and  Transmission 2”  take the  cassette  out of the  realm of “just noise”m and  frame  this  as  “lost recordings  from abattle  gone  awry,  they give more information  to  a  toxic landscape of  radio  stuttering onto itself and  caught in a  dark, nauseating loop. The  quality is pretty low  for the recording, but  again this  supports  the  title  and project  name, to a  degree, so  it  doesn’t  bother me in the  slightest, in fact it has a nice  effect.

Two eyes  in the  target of a machine that  reads brains and  sends drones on tracking  devices  into a  sonic caucophany of  buzzing   confused machines reverberating low  fi  information, layers and  layers of  squalching,  distorted  synthesizers  bleeping,  bleeding, and  peeping, until there is a  response.  “Code Red” style broadcast harsh undulating  electronics. A  beeping  pulse  is a theme  throughout as it  gives way to  other ascending and  falling  tones, one hundred mechanisms  all  failing, at the  same  time, and  then  crash.

Side B opens up  right in the same place, after some  swift samples, the  droning chaos has  flaired back up and is  painting  a picture of  harsh sounds, lost in the  fog, screaming, bleeping, and pounding to  find their  way out, but they   get  sucked back into themselves. Radar has  zoned in, and a black glove  reaches through time and  space and  takes the  last breath. Nice  artwork, and  color  labels on both sides of the cassette. WIll be  checking out more  from this label  soon, stay tuned for  more  reviews/

written by: malo

Forever Escaping Boredom Records

Zone Tripper

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