Decaycast REVIEWS : A WHITE HUNTER “Singles Tape #1)

ImageDecaycast REVIEWS : A WHITE HUNTER “Singles Tape #1)


A White Hunter is a bay area based math rock / noise / free jazz / inprov / information overload wrapped tight in a stretched mechanical like percussive skin . The tape begins with subtle plucking and clucking of guitars and rimshots – subtle decay traila in the backgrouns visualize almost by chance mouth  sounds,  rattling percussion,  dropped guitars  

, a quiet ring  intro gives birth to a clicking, pulsing cracked  metronome of chaos.  instant plunge into middle range guitar confusion oscillators and drums that sound like they shift between analog and programmed.  A White Hunter crafts  an interesting and unique mix noisy obliteration of inverted power cord arpeggiated manuscripts of sort of free  heap mathish rock and noise . The B side begins with a more positive sounding guitar melody humming strumming lacking walls of echoed out vocals plan with guitars to bring forth spasmodic cacophonous strumming sleeping in through the background blown out fuzzed out walls of reverb give birth  to a maddening percussive onslaught of paranoia. At times somewhat resembling  like a spacemen three  outtakes demo played backwards through distortion pedal and then you turn the CD off it give burst to subtle cassette fidelity  riff environment. percussion pushing and pulling with guitars voice in Both harmony and  opposition to create a subtle yet confusing mix of math rock oriented noise blasts, arpeggiated guitars playing inside and outside of each other at the same time.  a white hunter crafts pseudo-improv next of Hard happy sounding rock songs being flushed down the toilet in the wrong ? Direction.  blast beats give birth  the recording fidelity does the band justice,  but not too much justice, as overproduced math math rock is like bad bowel movement waiting to exit and give birth to natural sounds and reverberations the production on this album  is perfect;  just enough clarity to leave you wondering what the hell is going on but not so distorted that you can’t make out instruments. This cassette  intends in the confusion and disorientation of the listener and the players also . The percussion really leads the recording forward playing off arpeggiated guitars which bleed and wellp  more percussion that blown out calms and rattling symbols gel together ; a white hunter seamlessly shifts between math/noise rock belting out walls of distortion and slipping back into near operatic light cord swell for a stripped-down lineup and simple recording techniques this tape is above average for the style definitely needs to be seen live to get the full effect
Written by : Malo

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