decaYREVIEWS : LOVE KATY “Cinematic & Dramatic” (Forever Escaping Boredom Records”

decayREVIEWS : LOVE KATY “Cinematic & Dramatic” (Forever Escaping Boredom Records”


LOVE KATY Cassette arrives and I am
Rather intrigued at the cover image and the non labelled generic cAssette shell – could be harsh noise – or ANYTHING really – opens up with a sample of a “shallow” “actress” ? women (maybe famous and I am
Missing it ??!) blabbing existential crisis bought at the store – Didn’t grace of the depressed psychosis holy dark unchanging unnerving militant walls love Katie Paine a cinematic nightmare of endless looping self-doubt a broken tea kettle off in the distance burns and boils; a subtle Wall Modulation; ie this woman on the covers personal Hell- over and inside itself – the sound of self doubt- an unchanging static wall – psychosis on and on and on; she doesn’t want a relationship just a career. A deep fall to the center of the earth with a failing actress exposes the underbelly of a corrupt and flawed facile of entertainment . Hope is being drained rapidly .

beautiful , minimal , relevant Cover art Which really emphasized a theme along with the titles and colored the wall in a nice way – only gripe (for what it is – and I am “particular” about “noise wall” –?????? ) is the tape was dubbed a bit on the quiet side – but this allows it to dip in and out of the categorization of “background noise” , which seems somewhat inseparable
From the conceptual framework and ethos of harsh noise wall and the VOID. Not the most interesting noise wall ever but then again – does it seek to entertain , alienate , or crush ?

order the  tape here….

Written by : Malo

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