DecaycastREVIEWS : FORREST FRIENDS “40 Winks Of Dyre” cs (Cryptic Carousel , 2013)

DecaycastREVIEWS : FORREST FRIENDS “40 Winks Of Dyre” cs (Cryptic Carousel , 2013)


Forrest Friends crafts together fever dream psychedelia “toy” noise/musique concrete through various instruments which of many can e categorized as broken toys / circuit bent kids amusement items and the like. Forrest Friends might be the sound of Dragging a toy piano through the dirt with a honkey tonk drumset attached to the tail with a bass string. The mood of this cassette is both over and under the eyes of the listener. BRIGHT symbols shutter dark sounds, low fi off kilter guitar strums, choppy and sparse percussive rhythms are made with the appropriated entropy of dying electronic circuits. This tape claws at the ear slowl, losing TE listener in a jungle of low fidelity haze and then grabbing consciousness and pulling the listener back into a different beach of sound. A rope hangs another fuzzed out string pluck – springs another sound decaying reverb of ESP powers coming to life in a blown capacitor!

The sounds of this tape bounce off of similar species – – this state park issued sludge that weeps and squeaks through horns, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers gently walking and peeking in a shuddering tone for ones friends. A box of broken toys are jarring on each other feedback pulsing to another ping from one pang to the next guitar string zing- chumps a broken cymbal hit Forrest Friends is an amalgamation of psychedelic rock throwing up on itself into dense rain forrests of prickling picking broken guitars. Distant squeals undulate each other via circuit bent items from the trash given new life through an orchestration of chaotic pains in a keyboard turning into a jelly doughnut of burping oscillations captured live. Pink Floyd being flushed down the toilet in the wrong direction recorded on a CB radio from 1940 is a good starting point for this tape. If you want the highest fidelity junky tickerings this tape might not be you, but if textured low fi slow churning chaotic tinkering with the dead stuff in aisle 3 of Toys R us is your thing, so is this tape. Nice artwork and foldout special
Cut insert with sexy green shells! Catch them LIVE in Oakland, CA at LCM Thursday, March 28th as part of the Ratskin Explastical series. Here’s the poster …


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