Decaycast REVIEWS : FILTH “The Witches’ Pharmacopoeia ” cs (Maniacal Hatred,2012 )

Decaycast REVIEWS : FILTH “The Witches’ Pharmacopoeia ” cs (Maniacal Hatred,2012 )


FILTH is the solo project of Rob B, label master of OUT OF BODY RECORDS, and many musical projects including this jammer. The FILTH cassette starts out with a low modulating analog death Synth pulse; The distant cry of a finicky decaying obsolete machine. High pitched oscillators come in and out of phase chopping the synth to bits and restructuring itself upon its down decay. FILTH is FILTH; distorted, overblown analog electronic pulsewaves, militant beats spring up, punch, slice and fade into the background. The liner notes state no overdubs, and the recording definitely has a live, raw feel without sacrificing creativity or fidelity- true analog grit electronic, about halfway through the first side the tempo picks up and higher pitched choked growls emerge from the cacophonous mix, taking the lead and then succumbing to more synth square wave Druid hum stabs of a war drum. FILTH mixes dark industrial, synth and even power electronic aesthetics in this nasty little number.

The B side opens up with a crawling ascending tone and a beat drops STRAIGHT INTO HELL. The second side offers similar tones, pulses, and dark oscillations of blended, raw industrial chaos; all
whilst retaining an overall dynamic tension and intensity which raises this album to above average without a doubt for the style. Blending beat heavy sections with delayed vocal howels and walls of controlled feedback, FILTH creates balanced and intense sounds, with an ear for composition within the chaotic sound. This recording live to tape l yet doesn’t appear improvised in any way , tight, concise and thought out dark electronic mayhem, check out the project and the label MANIACAL HATRED,

written by: malo

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