Decaycast REVIEWS: NOLDOR : “In Woods of Elfes” CDr (Mandarangan Recordings 2013 )

Decaycast REVIEWS: NOLDOR : “In Woods of Elfes” CDr (Mandarangan Recordings 2013 )


This is written from not knowing what exactly was being listened to because I couldn’t really read the title and find any information on the band.

This first track I want to play  when I’m in a hot tub so it seems like I’m in the amazon with a burning typewriter. After being let go of the fire crackle and the insects you get trapped in horror film loop that builds and then perhaps you get murdered when it cuts abruptly to the jungle where we hang out with insects for a bit then we hit a calm pasture of slow reverbed hum, angel arpeggio -is this new age ?-or not- kind of fantasy, hall drift, feeling the LSD, kind of thing: and this is where I feel a strong echo of the cover arts influence on my interpretations of the audio emerging from the aesthetic of fantasy video game art emerging from fantasy novel art. Then we move into a highly produced buzzing  lull with a mega canned water bells sound waltzing to a lounge jazz drum i feel like Im in a grainy gray studio with futuristic mirror sunglasses that should have never happened.  By track six we are in a Disney movie rife with western boredom and I wonder when my fucking crumpets will get to the table and when this Game of Thrones episode will stop seeming like a Soap opera.  Everything turns pretty melodramatic and we’re nose deep into a piano sonata with a nice rolling piano riff that is played and recorded very well I can hear each hand, the bass line and high plinking melody in separate channels and the tapping of the foot as a throb that punctuates the rhythm. A violin sweeps through the piano riff climbing and descending and the recording gets cut off mid phrase.  Then we suddenly feel like we are in a BBC history channel documentary listening to casiotone produced rendition of Arabic Hip hop with big claps and shakers. Now we are back in Europe at a candle light romance with strings. Then we hang with some Angels, humming serenity but under a very subtle crackling distortion. Harps, some ohms and ahhs , I would like to hear only the clippy sounds and nicely delayed pinging bleeps and what sounds like a fingers quieting guitar strings being a subtle rhythmic element stray in the bleep loop. But i guess I have no choice but to hear the harp sound and the canned bells and then we just cut to silence and we will call that a wrap.

In some cases the artwork the album came in is a good indication of the content, we have some new age ambience mixed in with some banging history channel midi jams, some well recorded burning tape noise cooked field recordings of some wilderness, highly romantic soap operatic orchestrations that make me feel like Im shopping for jewelry. Probably good for an afternoon glass of wine if you buy dream catchers at gas stations, or if you play more than 3 hours of Dungeons and dragons-esque fantasy video games a day you can listen to this as you take a break and recharge with your energy drink and potato chips.

Then I figured out the whole thing was based on and inspired by Tolkiens middle Earth and The Noldor meaning “Those with Knowledge” a clan of elves in Middle Earth. I couldn’t read what was on the cover .. is it Molden ? Moldon? Noldon oh its Noldor…. So fanatics of Tolkien may find this of interest.  This “In Wood of Elfes” (yes with Elves spelled incorrectly) shows some skill with programing and competence with musical phrasing, classical structures,and recording techniques. It could get interesting if they develop an interest in designing some individualistic sounds, toss in some danger, and learn how to end a composition.

written by: Verbjieff

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