Decaycast REVIEWS : ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW “Growth Into Conbustion” c16 (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2013 )

Decaycast REVIEWS : ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW “Growth Into Conbustion” c16 (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2013 )


A short little blaster from California’s Endometrium Cuntplow, say what you will about this guy, But whatever you do , don’t say his name isn’t original. I first heard of E C about five years ago on a compilation that a friend released on Placenta Recordings, and the name I have never been able to shake from my head. Whatever it means, or doesn’t, it seems to go well with the sounds?? I’ve seen Dave perform on numerous occasions and it never disappoints, and I think this cassette may be a live recording? – or at least a very raw studio recording. everything about this tape is raw – the fidelity, the sounds , the composition , the artwork , and even the title – there is no frills here folks, just straight up harsh noise. E C sound could be a steady wall or a manic archetype journey through distorted and rough sound manic anthology, but this one is pretty monotonous and unchanging – but NOT boring. After a few minutes, the walls of dust and fiber begin to grow on the listener and induce a hypnagogic type state through the blasted out, distorted, whipping in the wind, dissonant radio transmissions. Endometrium Cuntplow leaves the superfluous  sounds at home for this one in favor of one long muddy , dirty drone of muck, no music, no melody just globs of thick feedback noise. Subtle tonal and feedback modulations ebb and flow occasionally through the muck, but a very dark monotone poem is layered out on this cassette ; don’t hold your breath for the “hook” or “pulsing synth beat” cause it ain’t here, and that’s just FINE. E C explores a  nice  sonic landscape with minimal  tools in the mix. Super minimal approach and presentation works well for this release. Look out for the artists visual work as well, under his name, David Lucian Matheke, which explores many visual and sonic themes through painting , drawing , installation , video and sound, top notch stuff


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