Decaycast REVIEWS : Justin Marc Lloyd “No Gold In the Fortress” c60 (Rainbow Bridge , 2012)

Decaycast REVIEWS : Justin Marc Lloyd “No Gold In the Fortress” c60 (Rainbow Bridge , 2012)


Justin Mark Lloyd Is a Chicago based purveyor of strange broken sonic devices, custom made circuit bent electronics, clothes, record labels, and more, ie ; the high output, color vomit fest magic man behind Rainbow Bridge Recordings, and about a million other projects. This solo cassette , (on the Rainbow Bridge label) opens up with high-pitched pulsing, scraping, fuzzed out sonic mayhem, sending out liquid sounds of belched circuit bent noise. HIGH levels of distorted sound manglings open up the floodgates to a long tape of minced and mangled electronic wounds. JML blends broken keyboards? , fuzzed out stuttering , throat choked mouth sounds and stunted vocals with manic circuits turning on themselves. All through the mix , this tape never gets too boring or repetitive, always switching sonic gears. cough-like live collage noise walls and pillars pile up and collapse repeatedly, heaps of input signals that create a colorful mix of chopped up vocals sounds, unknown feedback, contact microphone maiming, faders on the mixer slide in a nervous and angry pacing that undulate between the peak of broken keyboards talking to themselves and reversed circuit bent electronic druids regurgitating their copper innards.

About six minutes in on the A side, the cassette really begins to pick up pacing and intensity; invariants of sound as Lloyd pulses the death tone belts from mangled broken electronic blasts isolating the listener in the corner. Lloyd is barking at you yelping, screening through a table full of confusing equipment and objects . that may or may not be plugged into each other. Cut up voice slices and feedback machine gun snipers form pillars of aggressive noise, intensity and then chop shop and cut off each other into a frantic loop. Collage based hell gate triggering of the wall of fuzz begins to thicken and then a fever pitch oscillation rates through modulating the listeners inner ear to telephone communications.

Born from an interpersonal hell, things begin quickly escalating to an uncontrolled sonic cacophony and then suddenly a loop-back feeding back on itself turned to a minimal scrape sound decaying into the  back of the mix.  nd Chaotic  electronic blending walls of psychedelia  are a steady theme to this release and lots of Justin Mark Lloyd’s work that I have heard so far.

Overall a pretty varied and dynamic release, xeroxed art on color paper- which sort of holds up to the work- but not quite. These dynamic sounds could use some dynamic printing as well, but overall, way better than average. Look out for more from

written by : Malo

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