Decaycast REVIEWS : MBD “North Korea” Cassette (Eye Machine Recordings, 2013)

Decaycast REVIEWS : MBD “North Korea” Cassette (Eye Machine Recordings, 2013)


Menacing quoted state of war terrorism noise blasted in, fuzzed out blown out distorted wind, pushed in the red, lays the bloody tracks for this interesting and confusing little number. A show of high pitched force bleeds with low fi distorted rumbling sounds with little variance over the first side. What you hear is what you get – low fi noise for the sake of a distorted or failed transmission?

“North Korea” offers little in terms of variety of aesthetics – its all low fi, from the source material, the sounds, the art and the recording itself, but somehow it gels together to create something unsettling,confusing and even slightly intriguing. MBD makes the cassette player seem like its about to consume itself, pinch rollers fold in on themselves and the only sound left is the sound of audio cassette tape transmissions being garbled into morse code of blown out “background” noise that becomes the “foreground” of intent with this release. Slow rumbling mind numbing distortion blocks, most likely akin to the sound of cracking the windshield in a kamikaze airplane at terminal velocity- and then it ENDS. Crash

Flip this cassette over and the B side starts out with more of the same but the blown out mud quickly gives way to fighter jet high pitched feedback rings and oscillations- still recorded in a very low-fi manner, yet the variance and range of sounds and frequencies is expanded upon. Squelching, pulsing square wave weapon destruction bleeds with morse code mayhem- war transmissions of the lowest technological order. MBD is an uncomfortable cassette to listen to and the imagery reads as a menacing surveillance still of atrocious acts. Humanity really just needs to end.


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