Decayast REVIEWS : LEVERET “Furs” cassette (Forever Escaping Boredom Records , 2013)

Decayast REVIEWS : LEVERET “Furs” cassette (Forever Escaping Boredom Records , 2013)

LEVERET beings with a quiet low drone, which quickly manipulates itself into a squeezing synth oscillation and then churns itself swiftly into a stop start style blast of overblown, in the red style noise assault. The droning bass sound that began the tape is a constant through this short little number. Several signals seem to mutilate each other. Obliterating the mix to a shadow of its former sonic content. This is the sound of sticking ones head out the window at 120 miles per hour while trying to close the window on ones neck . Subtle occasional yelps of voice temporarily bleed through, but are quickly and without care, mauled by the flying oscillators. The signal seems to double. Triple , and then quadruple, and then silenced. This short tape packs a lot of sonic punch for a style which normally sticks with one distorted sound and runs with it. This does that but within the one sound, there’s fifty interesting purring sub sounds which bring this tape above the average. Occasional dynamic nods might do this release some benefit, but perhaps it’s just not in the intent. Just when the sounds start to get somewhat monogamous , the palate subtly, yet swiftly changes itself and TE listener is treated with new oscillator manipulations.

Overblown, self oscillating, midrange distorted fuzz is the major sonic component to this release, and the B side is no exception. Occasional rhythmic components are detected, but they don’t last long, as the monstrous ripping distortion wall comes back with a vengeance, louder and more ornery than its twin sister every time. Subtle sharp volume jumps and slopes give the b side a little more variance, especially near the end of the second side, where all sounds give way to a slow creeping pulse , and then silence. It’s over . The perfect length for a harsh noise tape that DOESN’T seem to want to put the listener in a trance, rather a manic state of distortion.


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