Decaycast REVIEWS : DIVINE SHELL / JUSTIN MARC LLOYD “Obscure Psychic Themes” Split c10. (Rainbow Bridge, 2012 )

Decaycast REVIEWS : DIVINE SHELL / JUSTIN MARC LLOYD “Obscure Psychic Themes” Split c10. (Rainbow Bridge, 2012 )

Obscure Psychic Themes” starts off with two short tracks from Divine Shell, which elegantly weaves between manipulated voice, synth textures flexing tight and tense dynamics and thought out layerings and volume
and pacing automations. The listener goes on a wash of garbled vocal tracks, brainwave alteration binaural type vocal beadings. The voice goes into a head and whispers around for a while with delicate pops and low flying subtly chirping oscillators. A minimal beginning slowly builds into a harsh frenzy and then the listener is dropped back down, to a soft psychic beading fizzing tone. The tape sounds like it was hand mangled and then put back in the shell with great success and hard pause microsecond edits breathe the voice nicely, and then it fades away, as quietly and unassuming as it started. Great tension !!!!

The flip side is Justin Marc Lloyd who is back at it with his glitter bomb homebrewed electronic sandstorm of texture and fractured sounds. This piece is more sample
Based than a lot of the homemade electronics stuff I’ve heard, though there’s a lot of interesting high speed edits and stuttering mayhem going stereo crazy in the background of tape
Collage??!! Edits ? Who knows with this guy, but this mix gets more damaged and damaged by the second. Gospal instructional type tapes turn into splattering breaking racecar engines, and pop after pop after sharp scrape, the voice comes through again for a second and is washed away in a collage of murky bubbling distorted throbs of filching electronics. Sit back and enjoy a new sound, BINAURAL bleeding. Great little release, this label never really disappoints!!!



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