DECAYCAST reviews : GHOST MINER “Shadow Factory” Cassette (OOBR, 2015)

DECAYCAST reviews : GHOST MINER “Shadow Factory” Cassette (OOBR, 2015)


GHOST MINER is one of the newest cassette releases from the relentlessly consistent OUT OF BODY RECORDS from Denton, TX. GHOST MINER continues in the rich tradition of broken sounding, analog styled heavy electronics that the label
has slowly and steadily become known for. This release doesn’t waste any time cutting to the in ear throb chase with their unique style of beat driven dark electronic offering on the Texas label. “Shadow Factory ” does the style properly and uniquely with sliding, scraping high end bustled to completion through heavy, blown off the radar beats, murky,
Dissonant synth work and hauntingly cavernous and muffled, gnawing vocals. These are actual
SONGS, and they’re good !

Comprised of dense layers of distorted, ripping percussion, rhythmic yet blown out
Voice/Sample Snippets, and wavering nauseous bass / synth lines and the bleeb of a faded radio transmission, GM, digs deep into a toolbox of esoteric sounds and obtuse strategies . As the album progresses, more vocal forward pieces shine out, notably “Slither” and “Vacant Eyes” The album Is comprised of several shorter tracks per side, most clocking in around two minutes or so, but there’s a definite and intentional flow to the whole album. “Shadow Factory” pays its respect to early minimal Industrial, electro, and dark electronics, pulsating and wringing its own sonic neck , to a sonic palette not entirely detached from say a chopped and screwed early Nocturnal Emissions, or a sped up Pan Sonic blown out through a rickety, on its last legs tape player, or even with reference f early TG or Tuxedomoon, but in no way is pigeonholed into this style. Ghost Miner has a wide variety of timbres and aural architectures that are explored and exercised to a healthy degree through out the entirety of “Shadow Factory”. The voice is often exposed in a muddled, Dissonant lofting style, curdling in the background but always in the pocket. As a fan of heavy dark 80’s music, I’ve heard lots of post industrial vocal stylings all riffed off of Portion Control, Tuxedomoon and the like, but GM creates a dirty, in the background style of voice , moaning of agony and confusion, which is referential, yet original, distinguishable, yet mysterious, and it’s the perfect cherry on top of these funky, post industrial esoteric works on this album. highly enjoyed the cassette and will be looking forward to more from Ghost Miner in the future!

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