BOTCHED FACELIFT “s/t”c30 (Obfuscated Records , 2015)

BOTCHED  FACELIFT “s/t”c30 (Obfuscated Records , 2015)a3315846424_16


BOTCHED  FACELIFT  may be some of the  most demented, damaged,  abrasive, and  guttural noise / power electronics that  has  come into the  DECAYCAST  review  bin in quite some time.  Botched Facelift is  the solo  brain child of  may area multi instrumentalist Dario Puga  who can be  seen playing anything from a sitar, to piles of home-brewed electronic synths and oscillators, contact microphones, synthesizers, and everything in between. Puga is a longtime  player in the  game  and projects have always been  top notch, yet remained in the  esoteric circles of dedicated lifers, this new release  sounds and looks  beautiful, as  all of the releases from Adrian Dimond’s  Obfuscated Records  do!


BOTCHED FACELIFT crafts  harsh, industrial noise, blending layers of  warm, screeching synths, distorted screamed  vocals, and homemade noise devices into   cut up layers  of destructive systems of harsh noise, bloated, pounding, industrialized rhythms;   buzzing oscillators, robotic like abrasion, spastic, jittery styled cut up pillars of hell,. The  first side is a tour  de force of a complex, dense, dank landscape, articulated with  peaks and  troughs of  analog fuzzing insanity, This tape  just kept bleeding out of the sound system,   banging my head  against the speaker with its  vile, magnetic hands,  a  caucaphanous, nauseating, distorted, jarring experience of  movement and sound,  all the while  losing orientation and  caught in a loop of  confusion and fear, my favorite place!.



This cassette work  is a  dizzying, wild, dark, rollercoaster  ride  though a hailstorm of  analog  machine, pulsing, pushing, marching in circles avoiding  their own aural deaths whilst  occasionally and impactfully colliding with  and amplifying all of the  subtle layers of  evil and confusion constructed within the  soundscapes articulated by Botched Facelift.  There’s melody, there’s rhythms, occasional beats even, but the listener is  never placed in a  familiar  zone for too long as the sonic landscape is  forever in earthquake brain mod  status and Puga never lingers in any one aspect of the  structure nor the  instrumentation  for very long, as we   rip,  curl, and  dredge through the  swampy  trenches of  aural  discomfort and  negativity. The standout track “Eye of the  Jackyl” is  dark, brooding, fast  paced tour  through a sonic hell of  despair, anger, and even  articulation. Lyrics are  somewhat  unintelligible but  I won’t  attempt transcription here, but let the listener  construct their  own thoughts! BOTCHED FACELIFT offers u a stellar  thirty minute presentation of  some of the  darker and more insane sounding noise/industrial we’ve heard in a minute, 10/10 would  torture myself again!



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