screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-12-15-37-pmHello, and  if you’re reading this, you’re  probably one of the  few  loyal followers of  Decaycast over the  years,  we have been sporadicly posting over the last few years, and  this year its  time to  finally take it to the next level. We  announce  with  heavy hearts that the  original founder of  DECAYCAST, Jsun Adrian McCarty is no longer with us  as  they have passed in the  Oakland Ghostship tragedy, as well as many other  close  family and  friends. It  is  with a  heavy heart and  watery eyes that we announce  this to  the  Decaycast community, and  a re-shaping of Decaycast  with more inclusion, more  community centered, less standard review  topics and  a  myriad of other things is going to be the  next step.  Before Jsun passed we were  talking of  finally getting  this  thing off the  ground again, with a possible hardcopy zine as well which we are looking into as well for the future.  One thing we have learned from the  tragic Oakland fire was that we  need to  control the  discourse around our  own work as artists, musicians, historians and  the like, and  Decaycast  will attempt to serve  just as  this.  The mainstream media, just like the  city, stare, and federal apparatus is not here for artists, its not here for the  disenfranchised, it’s only there for  itself  and to uphold the  racist, sexist, and  xenophobic belief systems which reinforce and stem from, capitalism. I want to make  Decaycast an open platform for bay area  disenfranchised artists and musicians to  help control the  discourse around their own work, and  do it  right, With this in mind, if  you’d like to  contribute (reviews,  interviews,  brief  writeup’s etc)- please  email  decaycast(at) and  lets  talk  some ideas.  We leave you with this  image  commemorating all of the brave and  powerful souls we lost in the Oakland fire as well as a link for the  Immediate  Fire  Relief  Fund which has been providing funds and  access to  chosen family of those  we  lost on the  tragic  day of December 2, 2016.

Thank you for reading and we hope you will join us on the next stages of this  literary journey…



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