DECAYCAST Reviews:  LEECHER “Retfa” C/S (Oxen, 2017)



Oxen Records is becoming one of North America’s prominent labels specializing in harsh noise, and a short cassette from their newest batch, featuring Tokyo’s Leecher project delivers just that! Two full sides of technically, flawless, sharp, soulless harsh noise blasts. Leecher has the chops and isn’t afraid to use the listeners inner ear ear canal with a digital thrust of blasting, blistering, shattering vaces of harsh noise.

Leecher builds a masterful composition of cascading heavy and difficult harsh music on the A side, masterfully leaving plenty of space for the sharp shredded sounds to do their damage and decay before the next big event slams the listeners head through the speaker cone once again; it’s time for high frequency brain modification techniques, and Leecher will be administering the tests today folks.


The B Side is Just as noisy and chaotic, though considerably less dynamic, while overall offering an equally loud and punishing composition, with much more of “live” feeling and movement. A different kind of sonic kinetics. If the A Side was the lead in to the death of consciousness and growth of disorientation, the B side is the accumulation of every negative thought and emotion thrust into a whirring, spinning, spitting sonic fireball which again and again crashes into the throat while simultaneously exiting through the ear. The B side is most likely a live performance, however lacking in intensity is not something that needs to be mentioned, as the energy that was present or absent in the room during this recoding, without a doubt transfers it’s manic, spitting energy info this cassette for the listener to enjoy in a self-loathing aural assault. This is noise music for true noise music, not for car commercials, not for sound design, not for gallery window installations just for cold unrelenting noise itself.



Menacing, torturous screams echo and decay over sharp pillars of white and pink noise, with shifting amplitudes of chaotic sputtering’s and groans of agony, bleed and squeeze each other to bits with constant regurgitation, to add to the general uneasiness and confusion of this release, the listener never knows when the end Is near, and when they will be hit with a sonic hammer. Is it over? I don’t think it’s over unless it’s the ear once again feeding back into itself after twenty minutes of harsh, tenuous pulses of harsh noise feedback. Leecher operates his devices like a manic surgeon hopped up on his own supply and ejecting, dense, dark noise blasts in every direction, which a morbidly confusing and disorienting array of precision. Leecher is precision noise, and if you fancy the harsh side of things, GO BUY THIS TAPE NOW.


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