DECAYCAST Episode #35: “Walking For Ghosts, Mortal Enemies Will Die” Mix

DECAYCAST Episode 35:  Walking For  Ghosts, Mortal Enemies Will Die” Mix


mixed by malocculsion to tape at  lewcid  joosebox oakland, ca 2018


MARIELLE V JAKOBSONS “ Breaking The Sky” (2017)

MOOR MOTHER “Deadbeat Protest” (2016)

VIC VANKMEN “E 14th Ave” ( 2018)

JPEGMAFIA “All  Caps No Spaces” ( 2017)

DISAPPEARING “The Shell , Decayed” (excerpt) (2018)

BRIAN TESTER “Mousse & Maus” (2016)

SPELLLING “Walk Up To Your House” (2017)

GENITAL QUARTZ “Alien Trust” (2016)

WENDY CARLOS & RACHEL ELKIND “Rocky Mountains” (1968)

RAGANA “You Take Nothing” (2017)


GERMSVOYCE “Médecine For A Wolverine” (2014)

UGLY “Feelings” (2016)

FORCED INTO FEMININITY “Rejection As Lifestyle” (2017)

JLIN “Get Low” (2014)

PU22L3 “Sorcerer’s Cookbook” (2018)

OTZI “Ghosts” (2017)

NERFBAU “Everybody Knew” (2012)

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