DECAYCAST Mixes: Farm to Tape: Episode 6 (Mix)

On September 25th, Bandcamp donated 100% of their profits to the Voting Rights Project. Subsequently, Ratskin Records curated a list of 100+ black & brown artists with music available on the platform; this is a sampling from that list and related albums acquired on that day.

1. Senyawan – Tanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World)
2. Galurrwuy Yunupingu – Gurindji Blues
3. Black Spirituals – Container
4. Biipiigwan – Naamindizo
5. Volahn – Halhi K’ohba
6. Ahpuc Oztoc – Quetzalpiltlahtoani
7. Gyibaaw – Nalaxyuubm Wil Waal Wilduu
8. Harry Williams & the Country Outcasts – Streets of Old Fitzroy
9. Akvan – خون زال
10. Ehecatl – Decaying before the Event Horizon
11. Raven Chacon – The Totem of the Total Siren
12. White Boy Scream – For Voice and Feedback
13. TAHNZZ – Hacheta
14. Purpura – Ixtab


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