DECAYCAST Premieres: mrscientificterms “the mathematics of defeat” Video (Verses Records, 2019)

DECAYCAST Premieres: mrscientificterms “the mathematics of defeat” video (Verses Records, 2019)

Verses Records is a D.C. based imprint who just today along with this video released their Verses Records Sampler Vol. 3 on November 29th. It is mostly artists from DC and Asheville NC, with pepperings of Nashville, Memphis, Seattle, UK. mixing varied electronic styles, neo-classical, some ambient/dark ambient to boot. “the mathematics of defeat” is a visually intense tour de force of contemporary capitalist culture and structure, with quickly paced editing, jump cuts galore, and a visually pulverizing style fitting the chaotic and noisy track perfectly, “the mathematics of defeat” tells a dark, cluttered, alienated and somber tale about society on the brink of collapse, enacted by violent, racist and sexist power structures that are slowly eroding the planet and the varied species that inhabit said planet with reckless abandon for pretty much anything with a pulse. Watch the video here , directed by Asheville artist Aaron Wackenhut, and make sure to pick up this Verses sampler or something else from their bandcamp page

“being born to lose . . . we are told that wecan transcend that, and often realize that is BS, that a capitalist society will try to crush you, to holdyou down . . . that you are basically screwed. Constant attempts at control, at divisionism . . . it’s themath laid out by those that hold the puppet strings, ‘The Mathematics of Defeat’. You learn to live with it, maybe you ascend . . . maybe you don’t. It’s garbage time for humanity.”

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