DECAYCAST Guest Mix: DJ MICOSE “Digesting 2020: Decaycast Edition.

We’re back with another installment of DECAYCST Guest Mixes, this one from frequent mixer and digger DJ MICOSE.

This is a continuation of the “Digesting 2020” series I’ve been posting on the ploque Mixcloud, featuring only music that was released in 2020. It’s a free-form mix with abstract ambient sounds, industrial-influenced electronic songs, plus a variety of loud and repetitive rhythmic tracks. Features artists from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Peru, Poland, Norway, and the US.

The Soft Pink Truth – Go

Racine – Geranium

Ale Hop – La Procesíon

Sébastien Brun – Empty

Tantão e os Fita – Ich Bin Der Fluss

Thoom – Large Fly

Negro Leo – Absolutíssimo Lacrador

Eartheater – Burning Feather

SIKSA – Proste Hasło

Jonquera – Artisou

Golden Oriole – The Granitoid Panics

The End – Allt Är Intet

Arrington de Dionyso – The Mani Malaikat Awakening

Mit Mir Kann – Loop It Yourself

V.E.X./Moira Scar – Dancing At The End Of Time


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