decaycast REVIEWS : STYROFOAM SANCHEZ “Empire Underwater” LP/DVD/Book Review

decaycast REVIEWS : STYROFOAM SANCHEZ “Empire Underwater” LP/DVD/Book Review


The tour kickoff in Oakland last night was sooo heavy. Loved it. The Styro gyre is at top spin, about to make land. Open wide murfukrs!
And the STYROFOAM SANCHEZ “Empire Underwater” LP is a required listening milestone. The past just floated away, this is serious soundcraft, lo-fi grabs hi-fi by the skullholes and has its way. Did y’all know what lyrics have been clattering out of the ocean’s brain all this time? Like Sun Ra said “There are other worlds they have not told you of who wish to speak with you.” SS lyrics are too core to their music, grab the book and see what you’re hearing. The illustrations are too much, a labyrinth for the eyeball while lost in the record… none of this distracted half-heard imusic… FULL IMMERSION.
Don’t look past the all new “Coastal Ruin” cassette, neither. Stretched out live sound, perfectly recorded darkness, suited to tape, triggers gooseflesh at the mere memory of styrene squeaks.


Damn, and the whole  “macular Edema/Occular oOil Pond” DVD! The huge glue-jewel of this whole chemical crown. No spoilers though, suffice to say… don’t let your life suck on milquetoast mediocrity, grip this intense labor, one pkg includes the LP/DVD/BOOK, then the tape is its own. Sink yourself in mile deep layers of some heavy pitch black prescient shit, the future is cresting, about to pile onto your chest. Don’t say you were busy lookin’ at your phone glow.

-Pharmar Histamine, Resipiscent Records 

DECAYCAST REVIEWS : DJ EMBRYONIC PETIT SAC featuring DURTY DAWG Ef / JOSHUA LOVEJOY split cassette (sweatband records, 2011)

DJ EMBRYONIC PETIT SAC featuring DURTY DAWG Ef / JOSHUA LOVEJOY split cassette (sweatband records, 2011)


The A SIDE of this is Petit Sac Featuring DURTY Dawg Ef , what or whoever that is we will not know, but Petit Sac crafts super minimal south mouth sample loops, a lot of grunting, squeezing, gascious, robotic sounding loops repeat and repeat. Compared to his live performances, this is really stripped down vocal/ mouth sound recordings. Playful, annoying, and possessed infant/ animal sounds all are given equal weight in the composition to present a truly weird collage of voice and mouth sounds, which for the most part are all unprocessed aside from the occasional reverb, delay, or stutter effect. The end of the side builds up with two or three layers of stuttering voice Bloated and pitched at different intervals offering some “musical” resemblance but for the most part the mix is comprised of static stuttering vocal workouts. Not nearly as dense as other Petit Sac stuff I’ve heard but this is from 2011.

On the split side, Joshua Lovejoy opens up with a quiet ticking, ambient low fidelity tone wash. As the track breathes the ticking seems to vary in speed in an organic way but always creating a tension between the other quiet sounds in the background. I keep glancing at my tape deck to make sure the tape is playing at normal speed, and to my surprise, it is. There is a nice tension created between the quiet, rumbling drone and the ticking. Eventually after about five minutes the water clock sound scrunches and screeches to a hault and then flips on it’s head in reverse . The static rumbling in the background stays pretty much unchanging throughout the entire track and eventually the ping ceases and the listener is left to contemplate their existence through this barely audible fuzz as it fades out to silence. Very minimal tape overall with Petit Sac side holding a little stronger interest and variation wise.


Decaycast REVIEWS : DIVINE SHELL / JUSTIN MARC LLOYD “Obscure Psychic Themes” Split c10. (Rainbow Bridge, 2012 )

Decaycast REVIEWS : DIVINE SHELL / JUSTIN MARC LLOYD “Obscure Psychic Themes” Split c10. (Rainbow Bridge, 2012 )

Obscure Psychic Themes” starts off with two short tracks from Divine Shell, which elegantly weaves between manipulated voice, synth textures flexing tight and tense dynamics and thought out layerings and volume
and pacing automations. The listener goes on a wash of garbled vocal tracks, brainwave alteration binaural type vocal beadings. The voice goes into a head and whispers around for a while with delicate pops and low flying subtly chirping oscillators. A minimal beginning slowly builds into a harsh frenzy and then the listener is dropped back down, to a soft psychic beading fizzing tone. The tape sounds like it was hand mangled and then put back in the shell with great success and hard pause microsecond edits breathe the voice nicely, and then it fades away, as quietly and unassuming as it started. Great tension !!!!

The flip side is Justin Marc Lloyd who is back at it with his glitter bomb homebrewed electronic sandstorm of texture and fractured sounds. This piece is more sample
Based than a lot of the homemade electronics stuff I’ve heard, though there’s a lot of interesting high speed edits and stuttering mayhem going stereo crazy in the background of tape
Collage??!! Edits ? Who knows with this guy, but this mix gets more damaged and damaged by the second. Gospal instructional type tapes turn into splattering breaking racecar engines, and pop after pop after sharp scrape, the voice comes through again for a second and is washed away in a collage of murky bubbling distorted throbs of filching electronics. Sit back and enjoy a new sound, BINAURAL bleeding. Great little release, this label never really disappoints!!!


Decaycast REVIEWS : MBD “North Korea” Cassette (Eye Machine Recordings, 2013)

Decaycast REVIEWS : MBD “North Korea” Cassette (Eye Machine Recordings, 2013)


Menacing quoted state of war terrorism noise blasted in, fuzzed out blown out distorted wind, pushed in the red, lays the bloody tracks for this interesting and confusing little number. A show of high pitched force bleeds with low fi distorted rumbling sounds with little variance over the first side. What you hear is what you get – low fi noise for the sake of a distorted or failed transmission?

“North Korea” offers little in terms of variety of aesthetics – its all low fi, from the source material, the sounds, the art and the recording itself, but somehow it gels together to create something unsettling,confusing and even slightly intriguing. MBD makes the cassette player seem like its about to consume itself, pinch rollers fold in on themselves and the only sound left is the sound of audio cassette tape transmissions being garbled into morse code of blown out “background” noise that becomes the “foreground” of intent with this release. Slow rumbling mind numbing distortion blocks, most likely akin to the sound of cracking the windshield in a kamikaze airplane at terminal velocity- and then it ENDS. Crash

Flip this cassette over and the B side starts out with more of the same but the blown out mud quickly gives way to fighter jet high pitched feedback rings and oscillations- still recorded in a very low-fi manner, yet the variance and range of sounds and frequencies is expanded upon. Squelching, pulsing square wave weapon destruction bleeds with morse code mayhem- war transmissions of the lowest technological order. MBD is an uncomfortable cassette to listen to and the imagery reads as a menacing surveillance still of atrocious acts. Humanity really just needs to end.


PEER GROUP “Igbo Basic Course” Cs (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2012)

PEER GROUP “Igbo Basic Course” Cs (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2012)


Another project of the multi project noise bandstander JML and label Rainbow Bridge Recordings, collaborating with Carl Kruger. PEER GROUP is chock full with dense, splattering whirlwinds of sarcastic electronic noise storm washes. this cassette has a raw, low fi crude shrink wrap encasing its clawing and unrelenting swashes of electronic chaos. About five minutes in a section of fluttering wet wood pounding around an abandoned shipyard comes to mind – the ship is sinking and the machines are fighting to the death. Violent analog rhythms clash and decay into squealing circuits; chirping, purging, burping, and pulsing- in “harmony”?, and often in opposition but never in a moment of boredom. Timing is key for me on this release, just as a sound starts to become uninteresting or too dominant in the mix, it’s swallowed up by an off-white noise wall, splatter choking sounds of globs of solder and failed transmissions coming alive. Tiny scratching sounds of a broken motor hissing and scraping- trying to bring itself back to life through walls of stuttering oscillators ticking at each other through nervous collage. Heavy handed autonomous electronic noise boxes belch crude distorted tones that swallow each other alive and regurgitate high paced, anxious electronic pulses and rhythms. At times, LOUD violent scraping, and others subtly random oscillator drone poem, PEER GROUP explores a dense sonic palette of squelch.

The latter part of the first half sounds like it could be “studio” tracks, but still boasts an affinity for a harsh low fi sonic screen.The mastering is in fact pushed to “IN THE RED” levels pwhich allows the tape saturation to act like a fine hair gel compression, gluing this chaos intact.

The b side begins with a quiet static flickering, combining resonating pulses, what sounds like branches breaking inside a reverb tank, with subtle chirping hums slowly escalating in the background. LOUD to quiet, to loud again. Layers of yapping distortion form a convex oscillator orchestra of babbling tones, fighting a war for a place in the mix. Layers of sonic sludge phase each other out and then an alarm sounds ; the mixer is on the verge of melting – and then it does, and you can hear it. The unmistakable sounds of circuits frying on loop regurgitating their own dead cells through speakers; it sounds soooo , comforting. Next , a quiet section is bread and gives breath to mangled voice ? Samples and a distant minimal pulsing , just clipping away on a distant plane, barely audible and then BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ a chopped in bass “doom note” changes the listeners orientation, and quickly escalates the mix from a symphony of chirping oscillators to a menacing caucophanou of disorientating hymns from voice ,noise boxes and malfunction, a sharp appropriate ending for a tape that builds and then destroys , through nervous towers of harsh squeaking and squawking. Xeroxed covers portray a shaky, hand drawn figure with teeth and eyes of confusion. The track titles and lengths really seal the deal for me with titles like, “STD Booth At the Occupy Protest” and “Penis Bleaching in the Google Era” who KNOWS what the motivation behind these sounds, though I would like to hear a proper studio release from this project. Check it out.

Decaycast REVIEWS: ZONE TRIPPER / FALSE FLAG split Cs (Fiorever Escaping Boredom Records, 2012)

Decaycast REVIEWS: ZONE TRIPPER / FALSE FLAG split Cs (Fiorever Escaping Boredom Records, 2012)


I like this cassette before I even pop it in. The cover artwork , like a lot of stuff from this label, FOREVER ESCAPING BOREDOM Records, has a clean, intentional design to it . The artist uses provocative dark imagery, without being overly sensational, or shocking “for the sake of it”. Zone Tripper occupies the speakers right off the bat with a dense, yet well mixed dark synth backing track with rhythmic high patched pitched noise stabs over the top, creating a dark, slow hypnotic , minimal industrial landscape, the chaos keeps building and tension rises and next thing you know, your on your back with a shaking maniac screaming in your face through a seemingly endless tunnel of manic shivering reverb. The sound is as if someone is shaking your body so violently that the ears begin opening and closing ago fast that the brain becomes disoriented to the helicopter like air pressure change in the sonic stew. BUILDING, building and building, the yelling vocals begin to build atop pillars of their own decaying existence into and nauseous, menacing swell, and then its over, it feels unnerving and wrong, a stellar short offering from the ZONE TRIPPER project.

The B side is JML of Rainbow Bridge’s under the False Flag moniker, COPS are exposed for the stuck pig knife in the brain in the system that they are – and the baton comes cracking against the listeners ear fresh out of the cell- and disorientation, fear, and distrust begin multiplying by the second. Harsh, industrial pounding, and growling barely audible rhythms of everything that’s wrong with authority , and that’s everything. Super dense, dark, evil zones of sonic corruption on this tape of bloody evidence gone bad. No silly squealing or squelching, just dark punishing oscillators sonically soaked in pigs blood. Thick, evil sounding walls of motorcycle engines rearing their output to light a sonic molotov cocktail of screaming noise- DARK DARK SOUNDS, the HOPE YOU HAD IS GONE ; a sonic manifestation of the failed system . Toward the end, yelled  manic vocals pulse in, but  still give the mix  it’s space; a nice touch.  I don’t know what else to say but this tape SLAYS. Two really strong sides of murky, fuzzed out fascist killing industrial noise works. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Decaycast REVIEWS : ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW “Growth Into Conbustion” c16 (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2013 )

Decaycast REVIEWS : ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW “Growth Into Conbustion” c16 (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2013 )


A short little blaster from California’s Endometrium Cuntplow, say what you will about this guy, But whatever you do , don’t say his name isn’t original. I first heard of E C about five years ago on a compilation that a friend released on Placenta Recordings, and the name I have never been able to shake from my head. Whatever it means, or doesn’t, it seems to go well with the sounds?? I’ve seen Dave perform on numerous occasions and it never disappoints, and I think this cassette may be a live recording? – or at least a very raw studio recording. everything about this tape is raw – the fidelity, the sounds , the composition , the artwork , and even the title – there is no frills here folks, just straight up harsh noise. E C sound could be a steady wall or a manic archetype journey through distorted and rough sound manic anthology, but this one is pretty monotonous and unchanging – but NOT boring. After a few minutes, the walls of dust and fiber begin to grow on the listener and induce a hypnagogic type state through the blasted out, distorted, whipping in the wind, dissonant radio transmissions. Endometrium Cuntplow leaves the superfluous  sounds at home for this one in favor of one long muddy , dirty drone of muck, no music, no melody just globs of thick feedback noise. Subtle tonal and feedback modulations ebb and flow occasionally through the muck, but a very dark monotone poem is layered out on this cassette ; don’t hold your breath for the “hook” or “pulsing synth beat” cause it ain’t here, and that’s just FINE. E C explores a  nice  sonic landscape with minimal  tools in the mix. Super minimal approach and presentation works well for this release. Look out for the artists visual work as well, under his name, David Lucian Matheke, which explores many visual and sonic themes through painting , drawing , installation , video and sound, top notch stuff


Decaycast REVIEWS : INAPPROPRIATE KING LIVE “DATABOOMBAAT” c60 (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2012)

Decaycast REVIEWS : INAPPROPRIATE KING LIVE “DATABOOMBAAT” c60 (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2012)

Inappropriate King Live is another project of Rainbow Bridge founder Justin Marc Lloyd. This sixty minute cassette with xeroxed art and a slab of paint on the shells subtly boasts IKL etched into the off red paint, starts out with a hybrid melodic cacophony of pleasurable tones which seems to start to decay into a blended swelling swirling rainbow of distorted fuzz transmissions , swiftly shifting from musical “tones” to collage to straight up oscillator tinkering. JML crafts a subtle yet enigmatic blend of electronic sounds though a barrage of tools and weapons of sound at his fingertips; a woman’s voice breaks through the transmission and asked a question?  Then, piercingly high-pitched delayed feedback loops obliterate her intention and the listener is dropped on their head once again ; with a large dark swell of negativity, an endless tunnel of reverberated shaking sound. Aesthetically, IKL takes the kitchen sink approach to electronics with a wide array of sound sources creating harsh, raw, and at times primitive motifs on manipulated and distorted “blown out to the max” sounds, creating a crafty and luscious array of electronic torture. For good dynamic exploration Lloyd uses the occasional throbbing bass beats as a turncoat to break through the chaos and point the listener in a new direction, but the background sounds of failed transmissions never totally vanish . The tape begins to swell up to a crescendo again and almost instantly the listener is deported into a dark techno hell with a throbbing bass be in chirping send the blue blush overtones back to be entitled listener out of noise and onto the dance floor without losing its edge. The beat slowly is muddied and this ship of sonic chaos begins to sink – the beat however is hypnotically throbbing underwater- Tangerine Dream is all of The sudden playing on a micro cassette player being flushed down a european toilet Shimmering synth chords and strikes decay out as the beat drops out for good. A stunning stylistic jump for just one side of this tape.

The second Side is more of the same nomadic structure, or lack thereof , sounds swelling of cacophony , nervousness , and ebbing back to calm “field” recordings that burp a low din , and then crescendo into towering noise blasts, throbbing broken beats, screeching synths, and mangled vocals gelling to the sound that is Justin Mark Lloyd’s Inappropriate King Live project , will be looking forward to more from this interesting glued and screwed outfit.



decaYREVIEWS : LOVE KATY “Cinematic & Dramatic” (Forever Escaping Boredom Records”

decayREVIEWS : LOVE KATY “Cinematic & Dramatic” (Forever Escaping Boredom Records”


LOVE KATY Cassette arrives and I am
Rather intrigued at the cover image and the non labelled generic cAssette shell – could be harsh noise – or ANYTHING really – opens up with a sample of a “shallow” “actress” ? women (maybe famous and I am
Missing it ??!) blabbing existential crisis bought at the store – Didn’t grace of the depressed psychosis holy dark unchanging unnerving militant walls love Katie Paine a cinematic nightmare of endless looping self-doubt a broken tea kettle off in the distance burns and boils; a subtle Wall Modulation; ie this woman on the covers personal Hell- over and inside itself – the sound of self doubt- an unchanging static wall – psychosis on and on and on; she doesn’t want a relationship just a career. A deep fall to the center of the earth with a failing actress exposes the underbelly of a corrupt and flawed facile of entertainment . Hope is being drained rapidly .

beautiful , minimal , relevant Cover art Which really emphasized a theme along with the titles and colored the wall in a nice way – only gripe (for what it is – and I am “particular” about “noise wall” –?????? ) is the tape was dubbed a bit on the quiet side – but this allows it to dip in and out of the categorization of “background noise” , which seems somewhat inseparable
From the conceptual framework and ethos of harsh noise wall and the VOID. Not the most interesting noise wall ever but then again – does it seek to entertain , alienate , or crush ?

order the  tape here….

Written by : Malo