DecaycastREVIEWS : P.C.R.V. “Note To Self” CD (LEM , 2013)

DecaycastREVIEWS : P.C.R.V. “Note To Self” CD (LEM , 2013)


P.C.R.V. is the longstanding project of Billings, MT based artist Matt Taggart . His PCRV Project historically has focused on harsh noise (passionately crafted with intent and direction) In a blend of a cut-up and wall styles of noise PCRV squeaks out intense soundscapes of conceptual noise music. Newer, more recent recorded works and performances have somewhat abandoned P.C.R.V.’s “signature style” so to speak, for a more fluxes / dada / playful/ conceptual approach to sound and performance; this newer style possesses no lack of excitement or interest though, almost always holding the same tension that the HARSH noise recordings do, just in a different and unique way.
“Note To Self” is no exception- a blending of all his styles – harsh noise, Minimalist breaks , tension, multi dimensional uses of sound through varied sound sources and rules of engagement with said sound sources, occasional jazz like sputterings and “field recordings” who knows? Who cares really , cause it sounds CRUNCHY. PCRV shows he as a near uncanny ability to navigate these drastically different styles of sound preparation and intent.

On the cover, “Note To Self” Boasts an intricate, yet crude collage by the artist himself – which is the perfect visual representation of the sounds existing within this album. PCRV’s sound palette has been quite diverse over the years and this disc is no exception. Jumping from harsh and blown out to subtle, conceptual and super minimal gives the listener a wide array of sonic possibilities and interactions, even the harsh sounds in this disk have a playfulness to them, the artists intention ? Really comes through in an interesting way. It’s a game – but it’s not . And also catch this dude LIVE if you get the chance, you may not know what to expect ; DADA / FLUXUS games or HARSH FUCKING NOISE, but it’s a great treat either way – TOP NOTCH.



written by. Malo


DecaycastREVIEWS: +DOG+ “The Family Music Book, Volume 1 (Love Earth Music, 2013)

DecaycastREVIEWS: +DOG+ “The Family Music Book, Volume 1 (Love Earth Music, 2013)


The Family Music Book , Volume 1, the latest offering of a
Live album by the longstanding harsh noise project +DOG+ headed by southern california’s Steve Davis and aided and abated by an almost endless list of Collaborators who have joined the ranks of +DOG+. The first track is a live recording of a show I was actually at from The Lab, in San francisco, CA, which was pleasing to see. +DOG+ rips roaring mechanical robots of destruction harsh noise – in the purest form
– the fidelity of this recording is good, but it doesn’t quite do the live performance justice; to no fault of +DOG+ obviously, they are just a really intense live act, and the visceral intensity of the set in the flesh was near impossible to capture in any format- a ultra subjective digression for sure, but see these guys LIVE is the point! This album functions as A compilation of live sets up and down the coast demonstrating a wide array or +DOG+ sonic amalgamation pf aesthetics and cast members- including, but not limited to, broken blasts, pummeling industrial materials, piezo feedback noise, wall, and at times. Power electronics with manic and thwarting screamed, over -modulated vocal hymns, belching shaking synth slams, radio static scanning, unknown samples to boot and churning walls of ???feedback which blend the storm of chaos that is +DOG+ together.

Live “noise” albums can be a tricky thing, like any live album actually, but somehow +DOG+ pulls it off with this one – the variance in sounds, duration, and recording quality give a nice mix of what +DOG+ is capable of at any given performance, based on the mood, concept, and personnel of the event. Often blazing with screeching oscillating interpolating distortion and caucophanous rage, and sometimes just the static of an AM radio bleeds through, but no matter what happens the listener is caught with surprise and the emotional, political and poetic fury that is +DOG+. Look for this CD directly from the label,
LOVE EARTH MUSIC a longstanding label which does it right, support this label.

written by: Malo

decayREVIEWS : EN NIHIL “The Approaching Dark” CD (Eibon Records, 2012)

ennihilEN NIHIL is one of those artists that remains back in the shadows , with much more of a modest output than many of todays noise/experimental artists who release literally everything they record. THE DARK PULSING SKULL that is En NIHIL has chosen his position- remaining a bit in the shadows, while crafting throbbing, articulate noise / drone / dark ambient / harsh from
An unassuming position in the dark mist. I have a few of his releases and they are all composed and compiled with care, craft, and attention to detail, with the latest release, “The Approaching Dark” being no exception.

This disk flows seemlessly through harsh noise, rhythmic dark industrial, ambient spaced out textures and swelling rhythmic intensity blend together to give breath to the harsh blasts that lay beneath a thick yet subtle fog. Each sound on the disc comes across as intentional and deliberate – again and again combed over – no happy accidents here – every sound is carefully and conceptually placed to create an interesting and ominous space- giving way to the next and last sound; texture tension rod of black smoke .

At times super harsh and blasted out, and at other times restrained , EN NIHIL Creates a delicate balancing act of harsh abrasive pulsing attacks, desolate and  near classical like compositions fueled by pulled back ambient sections which make the louds louder and are a wonderfully paced black breath to the overall ebb and flow of the disk. Composition wise, the disk doesn’t let up – a perfect balance of dense, anxiety ridden movements  and sparse  textured based tracks make this disk a fluid and theatrical atmosphere- just abrasive enough- and the  artwork fully supports the sound, very high quality all around. This is  bleak, dissonant soundscapes  for a  future vision of the  absence of a current polluted consciousness. Be on the lookout if you can ever  catch him live, because  performances are  few and far between.

Mp3 Sample “The Hearts Relent

Get it from the  label

written by : malo