DECAYCAST REVIEWS: HEY EXIT “Else” Cassette/Digital (2015)

“Else”  was  recorded by HEY  EXIT, in Brooklyn NY in 2015, but  you’d  never  really be able to tell as  it comes off  as this  sort of  timeless  drone recording.  “Else”  starts with a low, slow, cloudy  drone and  slowly builds and  destroys  subtlety across the  entire album. The  first sounds that  emerge  are  delicate.  spacious, tone  poems of  humming synths? guitars? who knows?  but the  source a1533371763_16isn’t  really that important and the sounds  create a sonic  space  that exists  somewhat outside of  codified instrumentation, structure,  rhythm. The  sonic palette of HEY EXIT is  largely of a similar toolset, at least on Else, and the cassette is broken up into five tracks, however they all function as  one  breadth, decaying and  gently bleeding into each other. “What Role, If  Any”  is  probably the track that feels   most complete on its  own in terms of a moving composition within itself and  offers arguably the most  sonic  density and  variety on this EP.

The sounds themselves  are a  plush mesh of drones,  blissed  out  and  stretched  out  orchestral swells, slow attack  guitar  swells,  strategically placed crunches of  rumbling  distortion, and  wind. The  tempo of  Else is  made up of slow, delicately offered  pulses, as  if  someone was  breathing  out the notes, blowing ou

t the  tempo on a single  flickering candle,  but  not  through a wind  instrument, the  attack is gone, the breath has  transformed into a slow,  churning, crawling, beautiful sound.  The slow, crawling , glossy pillars of  sounds ,  at times  almost seemed to  sync up with my breath as i was  sitting in the dark listen


ing to the  cassette on repeat. This is  excellent  “meditation” music, or at least music that  begs of  slow action, slow  thought,  slow body movements, and slow listening. There  are moments  that  get “noisy” in the traditional sense, but they never  obliterate or  destroy the  more  quiet, subtle  tones  that dance and  breathe  as he main life  source of the  piece.  “Else”  is  a delicately crafted ambient  drone offering for  fans of  slow, delicate, breathing music to  listen to  on a foggy, crawling  confusing day. Highly enjoyable.


You can   check this release and more  from HEY  EXIT,  here


decayREVIEWS: MOTH COCK “Moth Cock” LP (Tusco/Embassy, 2012)

DecayREVIEWS : MOTH COCK “Moth Cock” LP (Tusco / Embassy , 2012)
So I was walking through the woods after a long night of being lost and found a very scratch dirty muddy and ominous looking record – I picked it up and decided to review it – attempted to clean with a mild BLEACH. Solution but it may have etched the record even further into unplayable hell –
I drop the needle .

It’s a quiet buzz, something churning your stomach a bright flash, the soar around you starts to shake – for no reason at all – everything begins to turn subtly orange and green as if your retina is slightly being drilled by a microscopic drone – the slow taking effects of the Moth Cock .this record is like a bad trip , with good company- starting out subtly and slowly building up to a twisted, deranged, cacophony of jazzlike drums played on the couch with Mosquitos circling the head of the percussionist into a frenzied disorienting dizzying amalgam of fucked up and mind bent sounds.  Puttering out walls of horns, a racket of broken pot and pan percussion, tape players eating loop tapes and spitting them back up into the bell of a muffled fighting , bent horn.  Throughout the record MOTH COCK ebbs and flows through what could be pigeon holed as broken free jazz with electronics  but it’s so much more (and less ) than that – a blowing , buzzing , pussing , tripping orchestra  of NONE belts forth nearly forty minutes of some of the most deranged jazz ever to be pressed to vinyl and left to Rot in the woods… The varied instrumentation of horns , reeds, and broken electronics sews together a murky stew of sonic confusion and mayhem, Swinging, twisting, tangling around itself MOTH COCK chokes itself until the last gasp of broken wind is emitted through the bell. Also two color screen printed covers, With WTF inserts and brown/ grey / orangish swirl color vinyl to boot




PLAYING WITH NUNS / BASIDIOMYCOTA “Split” CDr (2010?)basidiomycota split
First three tracks are by a project from Argentena, “Playing With Nuns” who seem to have a lengthy stream of work according to their discogs. The disc begins with some well prepped tape snake hiss mixed with lower rumbles, which subtly gains structure and textures of what it might sound like the last few seconds of being trapped under ice, and all death’s inherent delays. Easily the best paced track? on the disk? churning, churning, tense, lower fidelity tape scraping, mixes with oscillator explorations, CBradio gone awray, parts recorded through a coca cola bottle gas mask??? higher pitched feedback carves into solid middle range timbre, eight broken speak and spells slowed down to shopped and crude pacing, all while still moving forward and backward at the same time. The second and third tracks are more rhythm brain ? pop? (haha) forward, but UMMMMmmm, don’t make me feel as uncomfortable (shoot me brains in) as the first piece (I think that’s OK, right?). Good movements in themselves but the first piece caught me most by the throat,ALL the way up to the oscillator heli attacks of the 1:20 mark of track number two, another high point. sssssspeaking of “by the throat” type stuff, track four and five, Basidiomycota and Co. graft dense, layered lobotimone$$$y hook systems for self taught surgery school in the girl’s bathroom with the hairdryer in the sink, the SOUND OF NEURAL SHOCK, again and again and again. Frothy architectures of warbling delayed LFO and LSDee buzzsaw waveforms, from tooth to throat—cutting through your speakers and turn them into high pitched frontal-lobe modification receptors, the sound design of your own death/reincarnated/incinerated as a 222,220 volt power inverter. calmer delayed waves of voice structures give way to alien flutters, nanobot druid hums for the 23rd century. Outer space music to abate the post pre- post-human… Charge your 9v brain supply to die 1000 times over and over again with this mix. Does your skull still work? Is it still holding in the flesh??? Leave the volume set alone to pan out decay your neighbors into the ground where they belong. Sharp,sharp, sounds throughout. Pretty good release overall, seems that maybe they should have done more than 10? maybe not though,,,
Packaging was standard color xerox printout in thin plastic bag with yellow CDr w/ sharpie. Not the worst, NOT the best, though the drawing and layout are quite snazzizy…
written by: malo
Overall : 8.1/13.0

DecayREVIEWS: Dental Work “Anxiety, Addiction, Abuse” CDr (Placenta Recordings, 2010)

Dental Work “Anxiety, Addiction, Abuse” CDr (Placenta Recordings, 2010)
Dental Work _ Anxiety, addiction, abuse, CDr
This disk is a tiny tiny sliver in the mass of archived and releassd material from Traverse City, Michigan’s own Dental Work aka Jay Paul Watson , head honcho of Placenta Recordings, an extreme music and art label and distro boasting hundreds of releases, in less than five years time. A true archivist of all strange and absurd, the website and discography are a MUST SEE. These people are dedicated and inspired, and this album is no exception This album brings forth some of the most spastic cut up noise we have heard in a while. Starting out safe and slow (but for only a split second does he hang you in this space of tranquility before taking you on a sonic adventure of frequency debauchery, using computers, records, contact mics, broken turntables, too short samples? Axes, blow up dolls and a slew of other objects which he brings to have a sonic life of their own. Bass piezo and thrwarted mixer feedback squeal into psychoacoustic like highfrequencies, which shread through innear ear drum, with the broken needle that he drops randomly back on the record. The recordings are blown out drummed stutter battles, and, many times throughout, the nervous “percussion” plays into the overall anxious vibe of the album. This CD IS NOT FOR SLEEPERS BUT FOR CAFFFIENE FIENDS, at times this cd is straight noise wall, other times its cut up digital drums and shrieks of mic feedback which breakup , well the CHAOS. a great listen for fans of VENETIAN SNARES,VANKMAN, DJ SCREW etc . The disc is packaged in classic Placenta Recordings slimline DVD case with full color collage artwork by the artist himself! Would live to see some art on the disc is the only thing, just blank white CDr. but a solid release overall!
written by : malo
Overall : 8.5/13
(sound samples)