“Four twenny in the Haight Ashbury? Yup. If smoke makes the best sunsets, the banks of Golden Gate Park will be blowin’ up as Neha Spellfish, Malocculsion, play the final show with Demonsleeper and Thoabath before they hang ten off a dank ring blowing out toward San Juan, Puerto Rico where they’ll opena new venue for experimental live sound. Come see them off with…1414959_10153953359597836_4368103547300810001_o

NEHA SPELLFISH (Oakland/Madrid)
With low frequency waves washing up on a beach of dark noise ambience, Spellfish delves into the shared space of interspecies communication and paramnesia, invoking the spectral measure of waking consciousness and noospheric cognition. Neha invokes themes of macro psychology, xeno feminism, dynamically modeled weather enclosures, and instinctual variance, employing audio programming platforms and algorithmic granular synthesis.

Deathrattle lullabys and inescapable lucid dreamscapes wrought by somnambulist maestra, Alexandra Bushman. In 1999, she formed the electro-acoustic group, Synethesia, tegether with Angélica Negrón. After scaring the daylights out of everyone at the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico, she matriculated to Mills College before committing to advanced studies with ancient dark forces whose names must never be spoken.

There’s a perceptible gravity to Andy Way that somehow vanishes once you draw near, the material world floats adrift. His solo project, Thoabath, might just be that massless Euclidean point where noise, dub, power electronics, horror, and ambient all emanate, an entelechy without clear precedent, of no laws. Prepare your ear, first study his collaborations with luminaries like Bruce Anderson (MX-80) & Petit Mal in the project, French Radio, sink yourself in the occult cacophony of Sutekh Hexen, and then, approach Thoabath, inescapable dark quasar.

Watch concrete turn to quicksand and glass return to sand as this sonic juggernaut storms the Haight Ashbury. His inaugural solo album released last year, “Psychosis Industrial Complex”, melds blown out distorted beats, arpeggiated synths, tape manipulation, voice, field recordings and homemade oscillators to belt forth a dark, unique offering of post industrial, prison music.







Here we have another  harsh, tasty treat from the always  harsh, loud  and  on fire label OXEN RECORDS  from LA  run by Matt and  Leah Purse. This album comes in beautifully artworked jewel  case, and the  sounds live up to the  artwork./ The  disc opens up with a harsh, but  fun offering from noise legend, K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka)  who  swiftly and masterfully carves through fifteen minutes of classic,  chaotic, phased out  harsh noise blasts. Oscillators and  opportunities shudder open and closed as Kusafuka melts, blends, breaks, and blasts his  way to a masterfully brutal harsh noise assault. k2 has been terrorizing both sides of the  brain/globe  with his  harsh noise  presentations of  aural hell for years and this brand  new offering is no exception. Dynamic, loud, abrasive, and unapologetic  doesn’t even begin to sum up the  work of  K2  on this release, or any of his extensive and  sought after  back catalog, though it’s a brave and noble start.


Kevin M. is up next with an equally brutal and  chopped up track from his elusive  yet prolific Constrain project (who also offers up  the album  artwork to boot) The Constrain track has a few  more  rhythmic elements that tease and  tug on the listener somewhere  in  the  background, but  they never remain for more  than a  few  seconds before they  are  swept  away with choppy, arrhythmic feedback blasts, chaotic, unstable  circuits and belching, smelly walls  of  distortion and speaker popping.  Constrain’s style is a bit  more choppy overall than K2, but it’s  no doubt working in the  same  schematic of  compositionally aware, yet angry and  disjointed noise music.  The Constrain track has  some nice  stereo  effects  and is  fairly dynamic, in terms of some of the other projects from this artist, though it  slowly builds to a  chaotic climax  somewhere about halfway through the  track and begins subtracting from itself  and  erasing  its own heads and tails.


Last and not least of the  three  artists,  we have the Fenian track, which is perhaps my favorite and the most dynamic and movement based  piece on the  disk. Also a bit  shorter than the k2 offering, fenian carves, warped, warbley  blown out  harsh noise which seems to have more  of an analog tape machine feel (even though i know thats not  whats  being  used – or  maybe i don’t, or maybe nobody  does, and nothing does,  including the machines ) Fenian navigates the  harsh to minimal transitions rather smoothly and  always riding the line between blown out and microtonal harsh noise, in a  swift and compelling way. Some  faint  field recordings of  voice/ old  song can be heard, however  before the listener can claw at a point of reference, the  sound is GONE, SQUASHED, MANIPULATED, into a harsh hellhole of  auditory terror.


The fourth track is a collaboration, by mail it  seems between the  three  artists  and is mixed and compiled by K2 according to the liner notes. This track offers  some really fun manipulation of  source material from Constrain and possibly Fenian as well but  it’s  undoubtably  processed through the K2  sound  engine!  Overall a great  offering for all the  harsh heads out there  who want something with a bit more sonic density  and  with more  variance than most contemporary harsh noise, these  three are  keeping the bar  high and  dangerous.



DECAYCAST REVIEWS: COCK ESP & GINGER CORTES Split Cassette (Forever Escaping Boredom Records, 2014)

DECAYCAST REVIEWS: COCK ESP & GINGER CORTES  Split  Cassette (Forever Escaping Boredom Records, 2014)

I’ve been a Cock E.S.P. fan for a lonnnnnnng  time  but i have  never  written about, or  attempted to write about their music/noise/destruction, etc but  with this tape, i’m going to, The  side  starts out  with  an insane bass  blast low -end FullSizeRender(14)wall of noise  and  a woman’s  voice, twisted, demonic, screaming and  howling as  it’s being  choked with blood and laughter. The  voice is a constant but a  hellish wall of  squelching noise  ensues and  swallows the voice into despair and hatred.  The transmission is broken, and high frequency walls of nauseating   piercing feedback give a bloody birth, to, what , a thumping beat, a beat???? Yes  folks, thats tight, Cock E.S.P. brings the booty bass on this one. The  distraught voice chugs and howls on,  grabbing onto and biting through the beat until the  skilled vocalist spits it out into a superhero’s afterbirth of a noise  menacing, dark noise  wall,  screaming at and  attacking  the listener  with unrelenting precision and terror. I do  NOT want to know what was going on in the  studio when this was  being recorded, or maybe  i do, but  either way something hilarious, dark, and nauseating was the influence, oh I dunno this  filth of a planet? COCK E.S.P.  does what most harsh bands cant  do, EVERYTHING. they bring the ultimate  package of visual and  aural insanity.Here’s the thing though, this is noise, but it’s done with a  jazz like attention to detail, all whilst embracing the  murky guts of the  chaotic element of bodily fluids, chicken masks, and flying objects.

They literally NEVER  let me down, even when when they’re  trying to let  you down, they don’t, and  that’ll hopefully piss them off 🙂  and this recording, like many I’ve heard are a testament to their hard work in the  studio, in the gutter,  and their  blatant infatuation with  and  disgust with humanity… What a  fucking  good  band, seriously, see them live, but  don’t blink because it’ll be over.  Like this  shit  inspires me. Thank you Emil Hagstrom, Jason Wade, Julia Rau, Paige Flesh, and John Vance for  releasing this blatant harsh assault on my ears and mind, it was much needed.

Despite COCK E.S.P.  being  a very tough, and messy act to follow on the  stage  and on a  recording, The  Ginger Cortes  side holds it’s  own on the B side of this harsh  brain jammer.  GC opens up with a dark, heavy, grinding, repulsive wall of harsh decaying belt  sander  style harsh noise. The  dark, brooding  sound continues on, slaughtering the  listener  with an unrelenting sledgehammer of a  scraping mid  range  springed out static  attack.  Ginger  Cortes grinds and  grinds and  grinds  away until the cochlear begins to flake  and shred off, bleed  and disappear, and  then they stop. They stop for a few  seconds of unknown scraping and  fumbling  around, and then a few  sharp  cuts  and blasts and we’re  right back into the harsh noise anus of Ginger Cortes. Quick,  cutting, bloody  cuts of high range  feedback give splinters of disease Ridden mid-range  feedback clusters, and  atomic blasts of  distortion,…and then ‘be  a good  little girl”……….??????????????   wow, what a tape, what a wild  tape, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,.




ESOTERIC MAGNETS : Interview / Label Spotlight with Out Of Body Records

Recently, Malo of Decaycast sits down with Rob Buttrum, a key figure in the TX noise / experimental music scene to talk about his label , OUT OF BODY RECORDS, the future of experimental music and tapes .
. IMG_0596.JPG

Malo : Hello there , we have a bunch of great tapes from this label , OUT OF BODY RECORDS , what can you tell about this endeavor ?

Rob Buttrum : OUT-OF-BODY RECORDS started out of the ashes of AFTER DEATH RECORDS, A label I co-ran with a friend. We disbanded because of scheduling issues and the fact we were both so busy, it was hard to find time to work together. So we both started our own independent labels. OUT-OF-BODY was mine. The label stared in summer of 2011 with the a tagline of OUT-OF-BODY RECORDS – “ESOTERIC SOUNDS & EXTRATERRESTRIAL SIGHTINGS” I decided, right off the bat that I wanted to run a label not only focusing on music but also video. Focusing on Cassettes and VHS (first VHS batch out this summer) and hopefully eventually vinyl. Also focusing on releasing material that was not only harsh noise but esoteric music in general / non genre specific. I run the label out of my house/ex-venue HOUSE OF TINNITUS here in Denton TX.

Malo : So considering the label isn’t totally genre specific , can you talk a little bit about the curatorial process for selecting releases for the OOBR catalog?

RB : Basically any artist I want to work with,or respect/dig, i reach out to, to see if they are interested or available for doing a release.
I like to work with artists or bands that i feel are doing something a little different. Even the artists that I already am really into their material, I will ask to step outside the box or their comfort zone and try to come up with something a little different than they would normally do for a release with me. In addition when contacting artists, if I know or find out that an artist or band also works in video, I ask them if they would like to release a VHS, as opposed to a Cassette. I do receive requests / demos / submissions from artists and bands hoping to put something out on the label, and i listen to everything anyone sends me, if it grabs my attention or blows me away I will totally release it, it has happened. I Also like to work with as many artists I can that are in my local scene.
I feel there is a huge amount of talent in the DFW / North TX area, that never gets surfaced, so I like to make sure they get heard if possible. There are some really killer acts going on here right now. My musical taste ranges in everything from noise / industrial / cut up/ abstract, to sludge metal / thrash / black metal, to cold wave / darkwave / electro, to 70’s/80’s pop/funk/soul. and i could go on. I love music period. Though I do release a lot of noise I don’t consider OUT-OF-BODY solely a noise label , I am however trying to focus on pushing the limits on modern music, and trying to stay in the esoteric / abstract zone, when picking releases. Though not to say any of the genres i listed could not fit in there somewhere, if it really grabs me, ill go with it!!

Malo : Most of my favorite labels often dont stick to one genre , yet one can often still draw links between the releases , one link between all of the OOBR is the layout, Can you talk a little bit about the layout/design process for your tapes, and what if an artist decided they didn’t like the format?

RB : Well, So far i have done 98% of all the art / design on all the releases, with the exception of a photo or two used in inserts, in which I credit the artist / photographer. But all the covers have been done by me. As far as the layout goes, I do try to keep a few things the same for every release, for instance I keep the same font for every spine, and the color font is lifted from a color from the cover. also i use the O-O-B R logo on the back hook of the j-card. The covers and inserts are made based on the mood or themes the music gives me. Or in some cases based on the themes the artist / bands want me to work with. Most of the art is done by hand where some is done digitally, its a mix of both. I tend to work better without computers but use them as a helping tool when needed. I also make about 4-5 different B&W xerox collages for each release that i use for the backs of the J-cards. Though so far i have done all the art myself, I am not against the artist / band designing the art if they want to, but so far most people are cool we me doing it. I will however be using the artist’s design for an upcoming release. I do try to make the artist happy with the art i come up with and always approve it with the artist / band as I’m working on it, and if they don’t like something or want something changed i alter the art to their liking. Iv drafted dozens of covers for single releases until we both find one we really like. When I start working with a new artist i discuss the art and tell them how I keep the spine and the back hook, consistent and uniform, on each release so when on a shelf they are all uniform and have a common theme. No one has really had a problem with that yet.

Malo : So, what are some other labels / artists / etc that have inspired you to start a locally focused label ? And in the digital age , why is it still important to release physical media?

RB : Anyone that has ever ran an independent label and/or released music has influenced me.
I appreciate anyone’s ability and urge to keep underground music, culture and scenes alive. Its something iv always been interested in and doing my part in… I remember being a young teen and ordering music through a catalog or zine, before the internet. Ordering things that you
have never heard based on a description. waiting and getting it in the mail. Then looking at it and listening to it, feeling as if you found something special. you were part of it. It was an amazing feeling. I still do this with music I buy today. I have always been a fan of physical
releases, the holding of the actual media and looking at the art and reading the linear notes,
the packaging, the feeling of ownership. I have never been a fan of digital music. I just cant get behind it.It seems too empty and disconnected from the actual art in my opinion, and I don’t feel like I’m the only one that feels this way, so this is a reason i feel its important still today to release physical music. As well as it being a physical documentation of media that you can actually collect and create a library with. The same reason the Library of Congress still stores everything on cassettes. Its a way of preserving a work of art. I feel music releases are forms of art the same way a painting or photo can be, especially considering the fact that actual artwork is created for the releases. This art is just as important in my opinion as the music in cases.Thus the physical cassette becomes a piece of art and can be collected.
A relic of art.Thus, collectors are preserving the art / music, and in most cases the releases are limited so they then become collectible. Then eventually become worth more money then they were worth when they were originally released, as is the case for any limited collectors item.
Its an awesome feeling when you find or stumble across something that is 5/10/20/ 30 years old and know you found one of the few copies made or
possible left in circulation ever, and that’s a cool feeling. where a digital file has no feeling of rarity, its limitless and anyone can own it of find it. Computers are fragile and non permanent. Owning a digital file does not feel the same as owning the actual artifact to me. I also enjoy actually looking at a physical collection, as opposed to owning millions of albums on a computer that you can not actually see. I do not own any MP3 players or have a computer with quality speakers. I don’t associate music with computers in the sense of it being a playback medium… however as a lover of music i do have an adequate setup to listen to tapes, records, VHS, CDs, 8-tracks etc. on my home stereo. I pretty much only buy and listen to music on tape and Vinyl these days. I know some people that do have their computer set up through a good system and that’s totally cool but i feel personally i need more. And i think there are many others like me. Yet I do not want to alienate anyone that wants to purchase a release and become part of a scene who are not into the physical necessarily, and would rather have the digital version, so i do have digital downloads available in addition to the physical version.
As far as releasing local artist. its about 50 / 50 at this point. All areas have their local scenes and within that are micro scenes and little pockets of scenes. Some of these scenes have some killer shit going on but most of the time only that small scene has access to it, or perhaps if a touring act comes through that scene and sees it first hand. I enjoy experiencing other peoples scenes and seeing what other peoples music communities are like. I enjoy knowing where the newest pocket of killer shit is going on at a given time and scene. So I also like people to be able to experience the north TX scene. I make a point to try and release as much local stuff as I can, as I feel the TX scene is very strong and i like being an outlet for lesser know artist that i feel are doing things just as amazing as some of the more well known artist. I like being in a position where i can help people be heard.

malo : do you feel that digital technology specifically social networking has made it easier or more difficult for experimental acts to tour and pull decent gigs ?

RB: This is a good question. I’ve actually been talking to friends about this lately. It’s really a double edged sword. I definitely think
that social networking has made it way easier for bands and acts to tour and set up shows. Before the internet you had to already be involved with the right people and know contacts personally and call people on the phone and send demos and press kits venues and booking agents in order to set up tours. That’s why there were more people doing that as a job because they worked in the business and already know people. Eventually if you’ve toured constantly you had contacts. But a first time tour, or a smaller act… that was hard for most. Now just about anyone can book a tour without hardly knowing anyone anywhere, you can just put the word out on social media and someone will get you in contact with someone somewhere that can help. It still makes it easier the more you tour and the more personal connections you make. Like at this point I’v toured quite a bit and seem to at least know someone in almost every city, and within different scenes. It also helps that i used to run a DIY venue so i had hundreds of people come through my place that will return favors when your in their neck of the woods. But for booking tours, especially places you have never played, social media come in very handy. Even if you don’t know someone in a certain city or town you prob know someone who does, and with the internet its as easy as just sending some messages around. You don’t even have to have ever met someone or even have known them previously and they might be able to set you up a gig. In addition, as in the past you had to send press kits and demos if you wanted a club or promoter to hear / see what your band is about but now it is all online as well.. all you have to do is hey so and so – my band wants to play your city, I hear you book shows, can you help? Here are some links to our music and some videos and reviews… and its all done in a matter of minutes. Now a days you can book a tour in a matter of weeks when in the past it
could take half a year to really set some good gigs up, if you were doing it yourself. HOWEVER social media / networking in my opinion is also hurting the scene. Again on one hand it makes promotion easy, but its too easy. I feel like the youth in general is loosing the need for live shows. I feel they are not as into seeing live music. Its like they get invited to a show online, say their going, hear and see all the hype, then end up staying home to be on their computer cause they constantly plugged in and they can still feel like they went. Like in a virtual world, they know who went, they can watch videos of the show after it happened and its like they still experienced it virtually without actually having to go to the show. and still feel like there part of the scene, and they experienced the show.. its really weird, but its def. something iv been noticing. Sure you’r die hard music lovers still go to shows, but i feel were part of a dying breed. Everyone is so connected to their computers and smart phones that life is passing them by and they don’t care, they feel content and connected to everything in a different way. For example someone books a show and and makes a facebook event for it, say 100 people say there “going”and there is a bunch of internet hype around the show, but when the show come time to happen there are like 20 people there. Someone later posts a video or posts online how awesome it was then you run into someone that was not at the show and when asked if they were there or saw the set, the response was na, i could not make it but i saw the video and saw people talking about it. It was awesome!! and that’s enough for them. they know if they miss a show. they can still experience it in another way. This is what i think is destroying modern music scenes in some ways. people are not connected with real life. They get all the entertainment / art / music they need from a little screen. They don’t need to experience things in real life anymore. its scary shit man.

Malo :Ok, lastly what does the future hold for experimental music in the US? has it peaked? is it just beginning?

RB: Its hard to say what the future holds, but i have high hopes that it will continue to be relevant. Really hard to say if it will become more popular or less. Its always been an underground scene, and will most likely stay fairly so, yet I do notice that experimental music / noise is absolutely creeping / entering into more mainstream ideas and arts. Noise is not as weird and shocking as it once was when it was a newer idea. Most people who are at least into some form of music or art, at least know about noise. Its not weird to hear dissonant / noisy sounds in current pop, rap or rock music. However there as still crops of young people getting turned on to and discover noise that did not know about before and are falling totally in love with it and therefore research the history of the genera. It takes a certain person to have a passion for experimental music, i don’t think it will become a fad or mainstream by any means but it will be less underground, but i still think it will be relevant. And perhaps more so than in the past. There have been many great artists that it will be very hard to surpass, yet i still have no doubt that there is still plenty of room for people to continue to push music to insane levels and continue to create music that is next level and crazier then
anything ever created. which in my mind is very exciting and am looking forward to the future of experimental music!!

malo : LASTLY, anything u want to get off your chest, future releases, death threats. etc?

RB: I’d like to thank anyone that has supported my label or music / art in the past / future. I have a huge passion for the things i do and i invest a lot of time and effort into my art, and it makes it all worth the it when its appreciate and understood. I’m super stoked to announce the new batch of VHS on OUT-OF-BODY RECORDS. This marks the first Batch of VHS on the label thus far, and its been something iv wanted to do since i started the label 4 years ago. The new batch consists of audio and video work from artists Regosphere and Somnaphon. They are now available for mail order through .
I’m completely back lined with many many more cassette and VHS releases for the future. Many exciting things to come. Next in line on the roster are cassettes
from Arvo Zylo, Ghost Miner, Bottomed, CBN/Satanic Abortion and VHS from NITE SHADEZ , Future Blondes , and Styrofoam Sanchez, all hopefully will be out in 2015… and beyond that more releases from artists such as Plack Blague, Redrot, Prisons, Sobering, Violator x, S. English, Alberich, FILTH, Private Archives, Profligate, Compactor and many more… looks like I’ve got some work to do…..and fuck anyone that gets in my way.

Here’s a few reviews of two of the stellar tapes from the Out Of Body Catalog


This tape brings together two of the hardest hitters working under the dark / industrial umbrella in the US today . EN NIHIL possesses the A side with a dark journey through a decrepit sonic landscape. The intro track is slow, minimal and haunting but halfway through dense, crunchy blown out beats creep in, and before you know it, the listener is submerged in a black lake of ringing and pounding. EN NIHIL creates distorted, slow churning rhythmic compositions, devoid of any light and hope . With each track the listener descends into a Lower level of thick , industrial soundscapes . Old shaky machines have gone awry and are slowly chopping and churning all of the metallic waste that humans have left behind into a fever pitched
Synth explosion of chaos .Adam Fritz EN NIHIL project proves to be one of the most articulate and consistent dark industrial / death – drone projects going currently.

On the B side, FILTH creates a slightly more chaotic, frantic , yet equally heavy and articulate version of the genre, sputtering out all analog based walls of industrial mayhem. FILTH is no stranger to decaycast review section , but this is one of his strongest efforts to date. Slow , tundra calving like rumblings cascade into high pitched screeching vocals, pushing through the dense, dark pillars of electronic sandstorms, all but shredding the speakers through magnetic madness. FILTH records with an all analog signal path, and it shows. FILTH is a master at blending the cacophonous array of his sound sources of electronic chaos Into a well defined, tension filled musical composition. This isn’t just noise, folks, not that there’s anything wrong with noise, but in the traditional sense, this just isn’t it . Theres a level of compositional
Awareness that just doesn’t exist on this level , often in these genres. And because of that, this tape, and the work of FILTH in general , is quite refreshing.

MATTHEW AKERS “A History of Arson”

IMG_0594.JPGbr />
With this cassette, Matthew Akers takes the listener on a ride through the mind of an arsonist. “A History Of Arson” is a concept album delving into the mind of an arsonist on all the levels of experience that the arsonist goes through, the anticipation, the act , the aftermath, and it’s done with a barrage of digital and analog synthesizers. “A History of Arson” takes the listener on a dreamy, dark , arpeggio ridden ride through cinematic repetition of well crafted synth riffage and highly thought out compositions. Akers music is cinematic and composed, yet visceral and natural at the same time. Tension is created for scenes in a film that doesn’t exist, but yet somehow the sounds still
Substantiate the narrative. The riffs are visceral, yet ephemeral, dark and beautiful , all while creating an emotional intangibility that takes the listener outside of their own mind and into the mind of a criminal, an arsonist , a psychopath hell bent on the inherent beauty implicit in nature’s destruction. light the match and let the elements do the rest of the work ! This is top notch synthesizer music, for fans of early Tangerine Dream , Radio People . Alan Howarth and John Carpenter and the alike . beautiful, cinematic and intentional. A Great release

DecayCAST reviews : VOMIR / CRUCIFIX EYE split C40 (Forever Escaping Boredom Records)

photo (7)Another swell release up from Forever Escaping Boredom
Records . A bright “psychedelic” data esque  is sliced my analog decay graces the cover with a thin black outline of a cassette shell, but pop this sucker in and its not quite as “bright” at all.  Layered images turn into a multi layered and structured WALL OF NOISE . VOMIR side is classic “VOMIR style”harsh noise wall- from France,  VOMIR is one of the best in the  game  currently. MILITANT, blown out, unnerving, a black analog  mass of  – the wall is information transmission failures -and meditative at the same time; hypnotic,  throbbing, yet unrelenting – a shuttering attack bouncing back on itself / again,again,again,again. VOMIR uses static for large sections of the lengthy track, as the oscillator for the wall
Of sound- static information- feeding back
On itself.; An endless breath from a tugboat at 100 decibel black sandstorm. Choke, choke , choke . subtle modulations occur underneath a wall of undulating fuzz. These subtle manipulations are in fact audible at different relationships to the speakers, but they actually become clearer at LOWER volumes – as the distortion cleans up a bit – shudder ur ears as the cassette stops.

Flip to side two and CRUCIFIX EYE blasts the listener with another huge wall – this one just as subtle yet monotonous as the last – brain lapse / OF CURSE that’s the point – the listener actually really needs to listen acutely at the RIGHT? Volume and an entire buZZINg orchestra of flatlined fans pulses the  air  with  an  unchanging static barrage of non information NOISE WALL. . STATIC into the ear canal
For what seems like an eternity. If anything, the Crucifix Eye side is just as dizzying yet it’s slightly quieter in volume which allows for slightly more clarity at the GUESS!? of the origin of the sound ? IMPOSSIBLE . An assembly line stuck
In a loop between a spiral caughtin the wrong direction -yes its true HNW has NO DYNAMICS and its meant that way/ unrelenting fuzzed out distorted audio assault of static hymn. This is the sound of an idea being sucked into an endless vortex of static entropy – THE sound pukes itself out for eternity – the militarism of the harsh noise wall is undeniable in this blast – for what it is / it’s done quite well. A great grab for HNW and static noise “fans” ? Two of the harsh noise wall masters on one cassette – a Blastermaster of sonic monotony wall ! Bow down .

Written by: Malo




decayREVIEWS: Zone Tripper “War Radio” Cs (Forever Escaping Boredom Records)

ImageZone Tripper. This IS  W A R R A D I O. Distant  sonic transmissions from ancient wars  passed,  the recordings of  dead  soldiers calling out  for a hault. Haunting,  nauseous  throbbing delayed  bleeps and  bopping morse code  tones  transmit a message of  failure.  The  sounds  themselves are somewhat interesting, somewhat  generic  sounding in their  recordings style of  blown  out electronics but the  samples, artwork, and  titles, “Transmission 1 and  Transmission 2”  take the  cassette  out of the  realm of “just noise”m and  frame  this  as  “lost recordings  from abattle  gone  awry,  they give more information  to  a  toxic landscape of  radio  stuttering onto itself and  caught in a  dark, nauseating loop. The  quality is pretty low  for the recording, but  again this  supports  the  title  and project  name, to a  degree, so  it  doesn’t  bother me in the  slightest, in fact it has a nice  effect.

Two eyes  in the  target of a machine that  reads brains and  sends drones on tracking  devices  into a  sonic caucophany of  buzzing   confused machines reverberating low  fi  information, layers and  layers of  squalching,  distorted  synthesizers  bleeping,  bleeding, and  peeping, until there is a  response.  “Code Red” style broadcast harsh undulating  electronics. A  beeping  pulse  is a theme  throughout as it  gives way to  other ascending and  falling  tones, one hundred mechanisms  all  failing, at the  same  time, and  then  crash.

Side B opens up  right in the same place, after some  swift samples, the  droning chaos has  flaired back up and is  painting  a picture of  harsh sounds, lost in the  fog, screaming, bleeping, and pounding to  find their  way out, but they   get  sucked back into themselves. Radar has  zoned in, and a black glove  reaches through time and  space and  takes the  last breath. Nice  artwork, and  color  labels on both sides of the cassette. WIll be  checking out more  from this label  soon, stay tuned for  more  reviews/

written by: malo

Forever Escaping Boredom Records

Zone Tripper

DecayREVIEWS: Cerebral Roil “Cloven Hoof Stomp” Feral Fang Media , 2011)

While west coast noise vagabond Cerebral Roil has done some pretty memorable/dangerous/ and low key – aside from a few small print run editions of split CDRs and compilations, this is the only Cassette I can muster up – which is a shame because the recordings are quite nice.

side A of “Cloven Hoof Stomp” opens up with nervous tick harsh distorted menacing fuzz, distortion and chaos. Which is no surprise – ear splitting mix and whatever else feeding back – an axe connected to a giant spring and a turntable saw are sole of CxRx more unique looking and menacing sounding custom made instruments (which we are at decaycast usually have a soft spot for). the danger of enduring a split open head and or concussion grenade explode during the listening to the cassette is quite unlikely, (though we have resided in Oakland before) which makes one be able to delve into the sound a bit more, without fear of laceration.

The b side is more along a similar harsh noise theme of speaker ripping harsh noise of psychosis. Menecing ear wrenching high pitched tones slowly but surely saw an X along the back of the neck of the listener and eventually decapitation is inevitable.

This tape bleeds sounds of an insanic cave , deep in a trench, plotting revenge. this tape is harsh sounds, but often a few times the recording Is a bit overdriven, and then if backs off and more clarity is present, but it works well as a push pull and isn’t so blown out that it totally annihilates the entire mix it’s just a bit HOT in the red is all- works for the sounds, but the tracks overall could use a bit of dynamics to push the loud parts louder, and give a break to the ear This cassette is short and sweet noise blaster of serial killer feedback psychotic brain loop noise. A must have for all the “true crime” and “fantastical psychotic workshop training camp hazing music fans” . Overall, a solid release , all the sounds are pretty interesting in the harsh sense – blasted out noise – s – a solid release overall though, will be seeking out more from CxRx.

written by: Malo


decayREVIEWS : Sleep Of Ages / Vasectomy Party CS (Forever Escaping Boredom Records)

The A side is Sleep Of Ages, noise / cut up/ drone “budget” harsh style electronics project from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Starts off with some keyboard tinkering, looping phrases of fuzzed out midrange – warming up it sounds like but after about forty five seconds it begins to hit a stride, gaining volume, distortion and intensity, and the next thing you know- you’re in the center of an all out harsh noise attack- cutting, clawing and stretching the ears of the listener to use a reverse feedback audio weapon to the brain cavity. Sleep of Ages carves feedback, distorted hits and layered synthesizers and mixer feedback? To create an interesting blend of harsh textures with the occasional pause and drop in volume.  These dynamic harsh cuts and sudden changes in pacing, sound sets and intensity are the more visceral moments of the tape. Bubbling fuzz decays of a sinking barge oscillating the waves with its busted propellers / the sound of broken bones transmitted over an ancient CB.  Sleep of Ages side peaks in intensity and sonic textures and the organized “chaotic structure” stands on a peak, elaborates itself and then CUT- quietness then building back up to a rumbling oscillating fuzz machine which cannot control itsel f , looping shuddering and dying , pretty interesting work overall.

The B side, occupied by Vasectomy Party  starts off with a few samples and the. Slowly builds to a fuzz wall of chaos. A VHS WIND of broken iron machines scraping along concrete chasing down its maker for revenge.
Much more monotone in volume and dynamics, yet the mood ever so slightly undulates between dark, broken  and confused, THIS IS the sound of a hijacked transmission in space – the noise of the spinning universe printed back to 1/32″ tape – only archiving the nastiest hisses and scrapes. this machine is angry and it’s shaking inside. Walls
Of vocals and screaming blood feedback coat the speakers with a bleak sonic presence. A diseased churning stomach V P twists classic style harsh noise – overblown howling vocals, broken, jarring pulsing syntheizers, junk and garbage sounds – a whipping environment-a few areas seemed a bit underdeveloped but just when it would start to lose me a new sound set will
Come out and confuse and alienate- interesting sounds and approach overall on both sides and 4 panel collage  foldout which really adds to the tape – and full color labels on both sides – great looking tape,
Out  interesting release overall

Forever Escaping Boredom Records

decayREVIEWS: COMPACTOR “Desensitization Reprocessing” CS (OOBR, 2012)

COMPACTOR “Desensitization Reprocessing” CS (OOBR, 2012)


COMPACTOR “Desensitization Reprocessing” CS (OOBR, 2012)RIGHT FROM THE FIRST PUNCH – Compactor squishes fuzzed and thizzed big beats – spastic churning,hissing machines – phasing out of value the automaton human rhythm production facility – this is beat dominant- off the bat with grind core styled sequence percussion with looping scraping drowning and pulling robots dragging each other through the background of the soundscape – nice track breaks give breath to separate ventures to a at times minimal
Techno jukebox gone awry with subtle layers of hissing and hawing in the distance – creeping closer and then back into the unknown . …..

The B SIDE gives a bit more breath as it moves at a slower pace to give pulsing developing beats time to build the structure before they inherently self destruct. A drone fly peeps at your cochlear as this tape often sounds like a sound tropes trapped inside another sound trapped inside another – with different layers of pulsing fuzz that ebb and flow giving clarity to the beat and then swelling it back into obscurity.  Compactor sandwiches a nice mix of  harsh blown out  recording techniques which  give a live  feel, and  some cutting  and  chopping  which speak t0 a  larger compositional mantra, This tape is a brain/ sound compactor in itself – somewhere broken between noise / electronic death drums and bass stabs of shaking resonance :: compactor brings a complete sonic package of the rolling down the road of percussion on fast fwd style – whatever that is- ??? But the second half of the second side slowly shifts into a distant hum – you are trapped inside the chickens stomach after it crossed the road- subtle bleeps, slips, and rakes are quietly eclipsed by an ominous dark droning buzzing – the best part ! A great end to a good tape!!!

Out Of  Body Records


Out Of  Body Records  is at it  again, WE  REALLY LIKE THIS IMPRINT!! And up next is a project from PTM Jim…
DEIGN cuts, chops,  hisses, smashes and pisses  their way through intense, dynamic cut up chopped sounds and emotions, at  times screeching and at times  rumbling,  jarring, dark,  the sound of  entropy.  High pitched washes of  white noise, sucking out your  last breaths The DEIGN  soundsdrum up to menacing  shaking pulses of  doubt, alienation, nervousness, sound mixes with blood, pus, and  disease  plagued cochlear. Stainless steel easrplugs cant  save  you from this  menacing sound clawing in your ear and  carving it out from the inside. There is someone watching you, waiting, broken brain, ready to attack and  throw your motionless  corpse back into the  cog  of the machine where it was spawned from. THIS IS  DARK DARK CUT UP SOUNDS.

Rumpling pules, chaotic feedback modulation, scratchy cut up (tape?) sounds, industrialized distant  rhythms, blood hymns, and unknown objects pushed in the red seemlessly  blend together  different  levels of the  conspiracy of  self doubt-  This  tape contains sounds to break down the  psyche and  start over. MEANINGS  regurtitating themselves in the form of  the sounds of a pack of  rabid dogs being slayed in the  distance, approaching, the  blood smell is metallic, a grating, gnarley wind of  death   invades your  ears and into the skull. Personal political monsters are no match for this  alienating anomaly.

Look as the eye  in the sky proves you are alone from your  own perspective,  while a nervous, scattering, broken machine subtly yet  intrusively hovers above. DEIGN is  top notch in the  harsh/cut up/industrial, whatever  the  fuck game.  Check this out, as  it’s becoming a treat to  hear a project in this aesthetic vein that works  with such care and  intent. Dark, cynical, jarring cut up industrial / noises played with purpose and a nod to the void at the same time.  The  art  and overall production value of this release is no  surprise as  Denton, TX Out Of Body Records  delivers  top notch production value which elevates this  tape to  another  level.

writted by malo



Out Of  Body Records