DECAYCAST Reviews : GRST “Container​+​=​object EP” (2021)

DECAYCAST Reviews : GRST “Container​+​=​object EP” (2021)

GRST ‘container​+​=​object EP’’s pleasingly adjunct description states only that it relies upon  ‘a variety of electro-acoustic techniques and physical modelling’, eschewing any form of wild conceptual structure in favour of a more detailed sonic study. Connoisseurs of physical modelling synthesis will no doubt recognise its presence – we’re not dealing with bold new territories here, but rather some extremely pensive, rhythmically free wanderings that travel from additive washes to organic plucks and rattles. The absence of any measurable pulse is perhaps ‘Maracaibo’s’ strongest feature – its textures are allowed to ebb and flow between various synthetic states without ever feeling pressured to reveal a defined compositional logic.

In contrast, the second track, ‘aruba’, invokes a distinctly modular tact, tying bursts of reverb to the gestating clangs and urgent bounces across glass and metal. We get some nieve stabs at melody, too, meandering repetitions that dance back and forth like the song of a sinister, cartoon music-box. Theres no development proper, nor does there need to be – ‘container​+​=​object’ works precisely because it sets up a limited palette and then proceeds to meekly explore its affordance, the listener invited to observe as GRST tests the sonic properties of each corner in turn. 

Daniel Alexander Hignell-Tully

Daniel Alexander Hignell-Tully is a composer, video and performance artist from the UK. He produces work under the Distant Animals moniker (, and runs both the production company 7000 Trees ( and the Difficult Art and Music label ( He holds an actual proper grown-up PhD in contemporary music, and currently lectures at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. 

decayREVIEWS: MOTH COCK “Moth Cock” LP (Tusco/Embassy, 2012)

DecayREVIEWS : MOTH COCK “Moth Cock” LP (Tusco / Embassy , 2012)
So I was walking through the woods after a long night of being lost and found a very scratch dirty muddy and ominous looking record – I picked it up and decided to review it – attempted to clean with a mild BLEACH. Solution but it may have etched the record even further into unplayable hell –
I drop the needle .

It’s a quiet buzz, something churning your stomach a bright flash, the soar around you starts to shake – for no reason at all – everything begins to turn subtly orange and green as if your retina is slightly being drilled by a microscopic drone – the slow taking effects of the Moth Cock .this record is like a bad trip , with good company- starting out subtly and slowly building up to a twisted, deranged, cacophony of jazzlike drums played on the couch with Mosquitos circling the head of the percussionist into a frenzied disorienting dizzying amalgam of fucked up and mind bent sounds.  Puttering out walls of horns, a racket of broken pot and pan percussion, tape players eating loop tapes and spitting them back up into the bell of a muffled fighting , bent horn.  Throughout the record MOTH COCK ebbs and flows through what could be pigeon holed as broken free jazz with electronics  but it’s so much more (and less ) than that – a blowing , buzzing , pussing , tripping orchestra  of NONE belts forth nearly forty minutes of some of the most deranged jazz ever to be pressed to vinyl and left to Rot in the woods… The varied instrumentation of horns , reeds, and broken electronics sews together a murky stew of sonic confusion and mayhem, Swinging, twisting, tangling around itself MOTH COCK chokes itself until the last gasp of broken wind is emitted through the bell. Also two color screen printed covers, With WTF inserts and brown/ grey / orangish swirl color vinyl to boot