Gorgeous Dykes is a dynamic duo from Oakland, CA. Their sound is comprised of new wave, house, post-punk, funk, and synth pop that keeps the dance party going all night and until the sun comes up. Gorgeous Dykes brings the magic girl energy to encourage divine unity in uplifting the spirits in the queer/trans community alike. Their latest album “Swords Reversed” is a powerful statement to keep looking up to what lies ahead. 

Supporting their rousing album Swords Reversed (set for release February 11th, 2022 on Psychic Eye Records), Gorgeous Dykes unveil the music video to their first eponymously named single. Swirling with anime-worthy imagery, the band dances amongst nebulas and falls through cotton candy skies while guided by euphoric, pulsating synths.


Where do you draw your inspiration from musically and artistically?

Lucy: We draw a lot of our inspiration for our artwork from magical girl shows. We’re inspired by a lot of  80’s post-punk bands, but also really enjoy house music.

Ana: I’m really drawn to music that is meant to dance to, to move your body to. I’m always searching for music that gives one a certain frisson and to learn about what elements contributed to that in a song. It’s fascinating and challenging.

Who are some of your favorite artists you’ve performed with and/or would love to see yourself performing with?

Lucy: I would like to play a show with Sneaks.

Ana: Totally. That would be a really cool time. 

Tell us more about your upcoming album release. What led you to write this album?

Lucy: We tried a lot of new things and experimented with a lot of new sounds. We  wanted to write an album where each song felt unique and had space for its own feel. 

Ana: We still have two more singles we’re working on getting out that we’re really excited about. Since a majority of it was written during the lockdowns, I had a lot of time to get introspective and philosophical, ha. We tried to tell stories about isolation and regeneration – coming out on the other end. Some of them are just about us being in love, which whoever would or could have a problem with that, can play in traffic. 

How does the process begin for you writing songs? Is it always the same or different each time?

Lucy: A lot of the times we like to start with a beat that we can jam on/groove to. We always like to start with either a melody or beat and just let the song evolve from there. 

Ana: It definitely has to start out with room for us to mess around and see what sticks first. Sometimes I’ll hear a new melody jump out in my head that couldn’t have come from anywhere but the song and that’s always a cool moment. Lucy is really inspiring to work with – she has damn near perfect pitch. She’s so humble about it, though.

What is your favorite song on the album?

Lucy: I think for me it’s Unsolicited because it has a really fast and fun energy that I’ve always wanted to create in a song. It’s also really enjoyable to play.

Ana: It’s hard because I like them all so much but Swords Reversed was when I  felt we were really in our element. I  actually felt very emotional when writing the lyrics, which while I tend to put a lot of feeling into writing lyrics, I don’t usually get all choked up like that.  

How do you see yourself as an influence to the younger trans/queer community?

Lucy: I haven’t really thought about it that much because I’ve always felt like I was the one looking up to other trans artists for inspiration and motivation but I hope I can inspire other trans people to just be themselves and wear whatever they want and have confidence about it and I’d like to think of our music being sort of a background theme song to that feeling.

Ana: I would hope to be more of a tool or comfort if possible, rather than an influence I suppose. If someone younger found our work and could appreciate it and if it could help get them through a tough time or to stand up for themselves, that would make me happy. 

What advice would you give to someone that aspires to be a part of the trans/queer artist community who has trouble meeting other peers?

Lucy: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try to meet other  queer folks in the community – you never know who can help you or motivate you to get your art  out  there in the world.

Ana:  Reach out to collab with someone whose work you admire, show your support when you can and practice maintaining a strong sense of integrity. Look for kind people who don’t want the world on a platter. As an introvert with a couple of mental illnesses, I would say don’t hide yourself but also value yourself enough to recognize the qualities in others that make you feel safe. Nobody’s perfect but as long as there is love and (clearly demonstrated) respect between you and the other person, connecting with special people is so worth it. 

Do you have any plans to do a tour?

Lucy: Yes, we want to go on one!

Ana: If we don’t get to go on a tour (I’ve never been on one before) I’m going to climb to the top of a mountain and scream, ha. It’s a huge goal.

Vortex Empath Xen (V.E.X.) Share First Two Singles – “Demon Dimension” & “Split Orb” from New album Out on Psychic Eye 3/27

The post-punk, industrial-inspired queer duo V.E.X. is at it again with their new full length.

4_panel_insert VEX inside
Vortex Empath Xen plays Oakland 3/27 w/ False Figure @ Elbo Room Jack London. Oakland

 VORTEX EMPATH XEN “Between Worlds”,  which comes out 3/27 on Oakland’s own Psychic Eye. Here we bring you an exclusive stream of the first two singles, “Split Orb” and “Demon Dimension” V.E.X. further develops their ever-evolving sound with dark these two powerful post-industrial / post-rock tracks, utilizing all of their signature sonic elements;  arpeggiated bass and synth lines, funky, chaotic melodies, complex arranging, pummeling drum machines, buzzing horns, mangled samples, angular, distorted, blown-out guitar, and everything gelled together with the duo’s iconic evocative vocal styles, which skate atop the cauldron of twisted sounds perfectly and solidify their art as one of the hardest to quantify into a single genre, V.E.X can simply not be defined in this way.  If you remember, we reviewed the duo’s other project MOIRA SCAR “Wound World Part 1” (also released by Psychic Eye) and you can read that here and order the CD, at the same time your hopefully ordering this one, which held a similar complexity, however “Between Worlds” takes the creativity to another undiscovered level. Sonically, the duo is at times more post-punk, at times, more experimental and always pulling from a queer, post-industrial framework, VE.X. is constantly shifting and re-adapting their sound and visions to the cutting edge of a  violent world. From the band:

Demon Dimension is a Deep Delve into Depressive Paranoiac Mind traps Human brain like hamster on wheel spinning around it’s cage for eternity.Discordant screams waking in a nightmare.”     – Lucifer Gamma Ray  & Roxzan Zatan

Lucifer Gammaray and Roxzan Zatan split vocal duties on this pair of singles, undulating between a more operatic style such as found on the break of “Split Orb” or like the orator of controlled chaos, the singing/screaming dichotomy on  “Demon Dimension” increases the intensity in a very real and visceral way. After only hearing the first two tracks, we know “Between Worlds” is going to be an underground queer staple of post-rock/post-industrial.

“Split Orb is a journey across time and space from within/outsider/multiplxpersonaliti cell/root/complex, we are growing into new beings, what we have been what we are becoming, change is the moment, hybrid hubris, we are flesh channels for source/spirit, we are unbecoming.” –  Roxzan Zatan & Lucifer Gamma Ray




PREORDER NOW from: Psychic Eye Records

LISTEN LIVE: V.E.X. Plays Elbo Room Jack London 3/27 with Mystic Priestess,  False Figure &  more. 




DECAYCAST Reviews: MOIRA SCAR “Wound World Part 1” (Near Dark, 2018)



Bay Area queer deathrock stalworts MOIRA SCAR are back with their new full length on CD/CS/ and  digital via Oakland’s NEAR DARK imprint, which is run by dark gothic outfit, OTZI whose newest offerings, “Ghosts” was  covered HERE a few weeks ago. Moira Scar currently is in trio form with their latest offering  with Roxy Monoxide: guitar, sax, vocals, LuLu Gamma Ray: synthesizers, vocals, and Aimee S: drums. Moira Scar’s newest full length, “Wound World Part 1” boasts seven snappy, punchy, femme forward dark punk/death rock cuts,  intentionally building upon their unique, sought after, indimable sound of their previously released full lengths, “Psychoid”  and “Scarred For Life”. With an augmented lineup, and a slightly darker and more rock forward sound, “Wound World Part 1” might be the most intentionally straight forward, intense  and focused sound the outfit has  concocted yet, and the  recording production suits the  sound perfectly. Thick pummeling percussion, wailing, screaching vocals, fuzzed-out chugging, angular guitar riffs and the staple walls of  reverb’d saxophone.


Snap Back” might be the most traditionally “Moira Scar” sounding cut on here blending heavy bass riffs, walls of  sax with driving punk inspired hard hitting  drumming and the signature  layered vocal efx stylings which could take the  sonic shape of anything from low  distorted  growls to high pitched shrieks of intense washes,  utilized to great success on the track “Chrysalis Skull” The operatic style walls of  vocals blend perfectly over the frantic, manic heavy  drumming and thick slabs of  guitar and  bass work. Slower, more  post rock inspired track “Zeta Rainbow” offers chugging, blown up guitar riffs with dragging slagged out bass lines with more  traditional breakdowns where the guitar and  dual vocal  processions shine brightest.

Moira Scar’s  sound is  thick, violent,  present, and demanding of the space it requires and  deserves. Death rock, like any “sub-genre” can be formulaic, boring, and  predictable, but “Wound World Part 1” is the complete opposite; fierce, unique, cathartic, and nasty!. In a time where we need it most,  Moira Scar once again, and perhaps with more force than ever proves they are  here to stay with some of the most forward thinking and necessary sonic offerings within the contemporary rock scope. This record rallies against the dying, boring, overdone and under thought  droves of CIS white-male “dominated”capitalistic rock scenes, by raising the bar and  flushing the  boring and  inspired rock trends down into the sewer where they have belonged this entire time, and serve as an assault on the  normative, re-hashed, uninspired music that often fills the  airwaves. Moira Scar is a weapon against a  violent, patriarchal system of despair, confusion, and  entanglement and  “Wound World Part 1” is the next logical step in the bands seemingly endless progression of reinvention. One of the most important contemporary dark rock acts going, period. This record is not to be overlooked.

Order the  New record HERE and  HERE