DECAYCAST Reviews: RICHARD GUMBY “Mem’ree Coil” Cassette (Crass Lips Records, 2017)

DECAYCAST Reviews: RICHARD GUMBY “mem’ree coil” Cassette (Crass Lips Records, 2017)

Big boatload of tapes  just arrived  from Crass Lips Records, Miami based  home  imprint cranking out dozens of releases monthly operating mainly outside of the mainstream bore patterns of music industry hogshit. There’s a plethora of noise, experimental, punk, lo fi pop , garage et al plastered throughout the labels discography, which you can take a peek at here at their bandcamp . 

The casuality the  label takes is a refreshing return to almost a tape  trading  aesthetic where  inserts don’t really  fit, home xeroxed art  crammed into recycled cases, but the music is the message,not the medium. In an era where everything is  deluxe this and that, it’s nice to see a label taking a more primitive  approach. The Richard Gumby  cassette  which arrived, which I believe to be self  titled  covers  thirty or so minutes of  mangled, floating, ballooning deconstructed pop music blending spoken word, home brewed collage and  sampling techniques between fuzzy, whined vocals not so far off  from a natural blending of pre Spacemen 3  outtakes, early John Dwyer era pop punk, and even a  country-ish influenced ballad to boot, which could easily spark the interest of an early Silver Jews fan or two, on Richard Gumby, even within a certain song, a number of  artistic pop styles are buzzed through almost like primitive radio scanning needle techniques  at times even at a near feverish pace, and the fidelity and pacing lend the listener ‘a chair in the room at the end of the hall’- style voyeuristic  approach to this quaint, lush, mangled and warped pop songs. For a short tape, Gumby covers a wide range of  vocal and  instrumentation styles oscillation between lush, dreamy pop and  broken whirring  slightly out of  key music boxes,  tastefully used percussion and  synth, with even some noise/glitch  sections to boot, with a surprise double bass break down  with chopped/screamed vocals and  some pretty intense screams to boot for an album that boasts mostly pop offerings  Honestly, sort of a  hard to classify release, check it out for yourself here. Weird  stuff. We  can say for sure  haven’t heard much like it. Check the  track, “Simon Said”


decayREVIEWS: GROUP RHODA “Out Of Time, Out Of Touch” LP (Night School Records, 2012)

GROUP  RHODA “Out Of Time, Out Of Touch” LP (Night School Records, 2012)



The freshman LP from Bay area antiquated calypso dark, synth crafter GROUP RHODA. This  album opens up a palette of  new, yet historically sound territory in a concise and smart hybrid stylized record. GR offers the listener a cobustion of exploding space dust, writing a narrative based under the cloak of science fiction fact mantras of fucked up up up non pop non music music. Palpitating drum machines support arpeggiated synths and keyboards, important yet subtly giving breath to well placed vocal hymns, present yet dissonant procrto-pop song structures,  crawling heads of funky texture time and timbre amalgamations — an intelligent species of sound variety, washes the brain in sonic bleach — out front vocal melodies, with space based lyrics to boot  round out this  hybrid-style proto pop offering from bay area resident, Mara.

GROUP RHODA paints a drodweamy, sonic desert island, yet a oobmetaptghysical hurricane eye approaches off the coast of subtle silence – slides up
Your back and into the conscious rain Suspended between a memory room
Raft and orchestrated melodies from accellerating space ships GROUP RHODA dangles theories and structures in front of the listener, that are both from the future and the past. At times dark, minimal
Synth and at times more lush sounding electronics this album breaths a bit of variety, which is dime….funky arpeggiated bass lines and calypso style percussion, purring drum machines and whispering, shaking, powerful vocals
Round this record out quite nice.

STUCK between a pastel wash and a deep maroon hell – this album paints both a bleak and blissful sonic offering Get it from GROUP RHODA locally in the bay area or from the label direct. Crazy strange art from both SUZY POLING and NICOLE GINELLI.

Night School Records.