CORAL REMAINS (formerly Styrofoam Sanchez) On tour NOW! check dates below!

CORAL REMAINS (formerly Styrofoam Sanchez) is a post industrial sound and sculptural installation personifying the trash island in the pacific gyre. Spawning from a hybrid of human DNA and trash, CORAL REMAINS is a dystopian, amalgamated magnification of failed civilizations, spliced rogue technologies gone awry spawning dark pulses of technological neurosis and inner psychosis . When fish put fin to sand then you’ll understand, fish can carry guns. CORAL REMAINS represents the last molecule before total conversion of humans into futuristic trash receptacles. Human, your skull will be in a museum.



decaycast REVIEWS : STYROFOAM SANCHEZ “Empire Underwater” LP/DVD/Book Review

decaycast REVIEWS : STYROFOAM SANCHEZ “Empire Underwater” LP/DVD/Book Review


The tour kickoff in Oakland last night was sooo heavy. Loved it. The Styro gyre is at top spin, about to make land. Open wide murfukrs!
And the STYROFOAM SANCHEZ “Empire Underwater” LP is a required listening milestone. The past just floated away, this is serious soundcraft, lo-fi grabs hi-fi by the skullholes and has its way. Did y’all know what lyrics have been clattering out of the ocean’s brain all this time? Like Sun Ra said “There are other worlds they have not told you of who wish to speak with you.” SS lyrics are too core to their music, grab the book and see what you’re hearing. The illustrations are too much, a labyrinth for the eyeball while lost in the record… none of this distracted half-heard imusic… FULL IMMERSION.
Don’t look past the all new “Coastal Ruin” cassette, neither. Stretched out live sound, perfectly recorded darkness, suited to tape, triggers gooseflesh at the mere memory of styrene squeaks.


Damn, and the whole  “macular Edema/Occular oOil Pond” DVD! The huge glue-jewel of this whole chemical crown. No spoilers though, suffice to say… don’t let your life suck on milquetoast mediocrity, grip this intense labor, one pkg includes the LP/DVD/BOOK, then the tape is its own. Sink yourself in mile deep layers of some heavy pitch black prescient shit, the future is cresting, about to pile onto your chest. Don’t say you were busy lookin’ at your phone glow.

-Pharmar Histamine, Resipiscent Records 




STYROFOAM SANCHEZ & HORAFLORA, two of the Bay Area’s more oddball acts are teaming up for a SW tour, departin next thursday, april 26th, 2012. Be sure to catch this tour as both have some great surprises up their respective sleeves. Here are the dates!

4/27/2012 – @ Old Curtis St. Bar Denver, CO Denver Noise Fest
4/28/2012 – @ Old Curtis St. Bar Denver, CO Denver Noise Fest
4/29/2012 – @ Rhinoceropolis. Denver, CO DNF Decompression Show w/ Crank Sturgeon
4/30/2012 – @ Centaur For Peace & Justice. Albequerque,NM w/ Kayfable Quartet , The Jeebies, Javelina.
5/01/2012 – @ Meat Market Garment Factory. Tempe, AZ w/ Sara Century, Paul Arambula, Good Amount,
5/02/2012 – @ The Shakedown SD. San Diego, CA w/ California Bleeding and Torn Humorist
5/03/2012- @ The Handbag factory. Los Angeles, CA w/ AMK, Conscious Summary
5/05/2012 – @ The Smell .”Psycho De Mayo” Los Angeles, CA w/ RUINS, The Haters, GX Jupitter-Larsen+Gil Kuno