Decaycast REVIEWS: BAH, TSAR, JENNY, TROTH “Deft Auksis” cs (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2012)

Decaycast REVIEWS: BAH, TSAR, JENNY, TROTH “Deft Auksis” cs (Rainbow Bridge Recordings, 2012)


This tape is a bit confusing, not sure it’s a compilation. split, or what? But whatever it is , it comes out if the gate screaming with overblown tsunamis of undulated noise washes. Lots of high pitched distortion and what sounds like metal scraping bleeds together to a menacing climax and then it drops – AND TO WHAT ? Minimal keyboard swashes with a clear concise, punching yet sparse beat and drone pulse in the background. the track is given a whole new breath and the drums and reverb pings decay into their own spaces. A low, quiet background rumble creeps up from the ambient textures, slow and determined to climb to the top of the mix. Before the listener knows what’s going on, or off, they are immersed in a sandstorm of over driven droning fuzz, ripping and pecking at the speakers, as If the sounds are trying to rip out of the cones.

The aesthetic gears on this tape were switched back and forth so quick I could barely get a grasp of what was happening I found myself wanting more of that ambient, textured gem that was so suspiciously placed in the middle of the track : would it come back or just lost in the chaos storm of blended noise. The noise blends and barfs on itself , occasionally allowing other sounds and frequencies to escape but for the most part remains somewhat monotonous harsh noise. The amplitude stays more or less the same, and through subtle, yet stubborn modulations a VERY TINY sound swells up- and there it is again – THE REVERB PING ; A BREATH ; OF SPACE , just took over a swelling pus of nearly speaker shredding hell—- then click , the tape stops, just like that, leaving me somewhat unfulfilled and wanting more ? Not wanting more of the monotonous wall, but the experience itself, of not knowing what’s next, was the richest aspect of this album so far.

The second side opens up with a similar collage like wall of over driven noise blasts. ebbing and flowing through mid range dominant feedback pulses. Once in a while, it seems as If struggling, coughing voices are being squeezed of life, off so distant in the background, but the. sound is modulated in away which destroys the “voices” own anthology and scatters off into the mix like a bleeding hyena. The tape goes on with more crude sounding oscillators battling each other, with interesting and average results, but the difference in styles and the way these difference are mixed and blended is still the crux of this release; truly weird and different. The second side overall, is a bit more risky in the dynamic range, however it leans on the dense construction of an army of oscillators and noise boxes, blurping, their best and most intricate rhythms. Hand painted labels on the shells with a “surreal”/fluxus looking non sensical drawing on the cover in purple shells, which adds a nice touch to the yellow. An interesting and unique blend of slurply, wet, dense, and textured digital and analog sounds, but the harsh pinnacles of amplitude could stand to have some more dynamics to help stitch it with the more ambient section(s) , but by no means comes off as sluggish or amateur, just slightly monotone at times. A decently solid release overall.


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