DECAYCAST: Essential Listening : Bandcamp Recommendations Part 1

Today is Bandcamp Day and that means Bandcamp is waiving all of it’s artist fees. Not only are we in the middle of a. global pandemic but long overdue protests against the racist police state and. government have erupted across the country and thus. many artists are donating their. profits to Black led initiatives so we wanted to highlight a few releases to buy on Bandcamp today AND every day.  remember it’s important to support Black and other marginalized artists every day, not just in times of unrest. White people,  I recommend the “Me and White Supremacy” workbook.  Ok, now on to the music- this list was guest curated by @Gremlins2Official


confirmed  Artists donating for bail funds/orgs

(portion of current tapes sales go to bail funds)




elevation flp 

Artist I Think People Should Support/Iisten to





Labels artists donating to funds:
DeathBomb Arc donating 50% of label profits on friday as well as 25% of profits from the week:

ORANGE MILK : donating everything they make for the month to columbus and dayton bail funds


Psychic Eye: donating sales to Anti Repression Committee Oakland

PTP: donating profits to

SIGE Records: donating profits to and Black Visions Collective

1000+ Black Producers And Artists:*PstV1BYutrI4SRhADGmflg#


Other important funds:

Help for Beverly & Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland
National Bailout:
Help for Gianna Floyd:

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